Huawei to commercially deploy CloudEdge in 3Q

Huawei is currently conducting more than 20 proof of concept CloudEdge projects and is planning its first commercial product in the third quarter of 2014.

Huawei and China Mobile has jointly conducted demonstrations of a virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) and virtual IMS using MANO (Management and Orchestration), part of CloudEdge solution.

The CloudEdge solution is designed to migrate operators to the cloud as smoothly as possible and leverage cloud value for mobile broadband.

In the last 12 months Huawei has been deeply engaged with Tier 1 operators to identify their current pain points. This engagement has shown that the majority of end-to-end infrastructure complexity resides at the network edge, due to operator’s need to support multiple legacy technologies. More importantly, the service experiences differentiation that allows operators to compete and distinguish product offerings from each other is largely located at the edge.

For this reason operator budgets are firmly focused on reducing TCO by transforming existing network edge infrastructure to cloud. Achieving this end, through the optimization, simplification and automization of the network edge is what Huawei calls its CloudEdge solution.

CloudEdge builds on Huawei’s industry-leading SingleEPC solution and is a part of Huawei’s SoftCOM strategy for introducing advances in Cloud, NFV and SDN technologies into the global telecoms industry. CloudEdge focuses on mobile, service, IP and home.

According to Jason Dai, president, Huawei CloudEdge said, “Huawei is uniquely positioned to support operator migration to cloud due to best practice experience gleaned from both IT and CT industries. Our demonstration with China Mobile reinforces Huawei’s commitment to the fast introduction of CloudEdge products and solutions with minimum disruption to operator’s background infrastructure.”

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