Huawei signs 110 commercial LTE networks

Huawei has signed 110 of the 244 commercial LTE networks already deployed worldwide.

The company claims to be have won more LTE network deployment contracts worldwide than any other equipment vendor and has signed a total of 241 LTE contracts worldwide in 2013.

Huawei’s wireless networks currently support more than 500 mobile operators and over two billion mobile subscribers on 3G and LTE networks worldwide.

While LTE networks are connecting more and more people to the Internet today, they will grow to also support wireless machine-to-machine connections, a key building block of what many people call the Internet of Things. Such networks will gradually connect global supply chains, connect vehicles to intelligent traffic management systems, domestic utility meters to smart grids and domestic appliances to all manner of new cloud-based applications.

“Huawei began its investment in LTE network development in 2009. This investment, together with our active participation in 3GPP standards and our commitment to our customers, is continuing to pay off with strong year on year growth,” said David Wang, president, Wireless Network business unit, Huawei.

Through a continuing commitment to innovation, Huawei has helped to develop LTE-A technology capable of delivering data speeds of up to 300 Mbps, putting wireless technology on a par with the fiber-based fixed line networks in terms of speed for the first time.

“The mobile networks of the future will connect to any device, anywhere in the world, with near zero latency. The opportunities for industry are infinite – for medicine, retailing, transport, banking, media, education and manufacturing when ‘on-demand’ will meet demand,” added Wang.

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