Huawei provides communications during International World Youth Day

Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, successfully provided communications during the 14th International World Youth Day (WYDRio2013) in the host city of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Huawei provided Brazil operators with Key Event Assurance Services to ensure stable network operations during WYDRio2013, providing approximately three million subscribers with faster, more efficient network experiences.

During WYDRio2013, approximately three million people gathered at locations across Rio De Janeiro to participate in religious faith and youth activities led by Pope Francis.

Facing more than six times the standard signaling traffic, Huawei successfully provided Key Event Assurance communications services for events held on Copacabana Beach, including traffic forecasts, resource assessment, network adjustment design, spare-part standby design, net check, on-duty event support, and real-time event network optimization service.

Huawei also provided stable and secure communications services at other event locations, such as Sumare Hotel and Centro Church. Huawei equipment monitored zero faults during the WYDRio2013 assurance period, with KPI stability maintained and improved under similar traffic by on-duty services.

“We are pleased to have contributed to the success of Pope Francis’s first official international trip for World Youth Day in Brazil. Huawei collaborates with operators throughout the world, having provided communications services to more than 200 global events with significant global impact, such as sports championships, cultural festivals, and expos,” said Vinicius Dalben, vice president, Huawei Brazil.

Huawei’s Key Event Assurance Service guarantees network availability and the provisioning of basic voice and SMS services, ensuring the quality of data and media streaming services, and improving end user experience.

Huawei continuously optimizes end-to-end service solutions for customers across various domains including proactive assurance, key event assurance, contingency plan management, network and service quality improvement, and customer experience management and consulting, which synergizes operator strategies and end user requirements.

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