How Snapdeal ‘Fooled’ You With Its Smart Shirt Campaign

It’s ‘April Fool’s Day’ today and you need to read every news, be on mainstream media or social media, with a pinch of salt; and with little bit of caution.

Thousands of people got fooled, albeit intentionally but without a malice, by online retailer Snapdeal on 1st April by its innovative campaign ‘Smart Shirt’. The company aggressively pushed social media posts claiming that it launched a smart shirt that changes colour as per the users’ or the wearer’s wish.

The smart shirt comes in white colour but it can change to ten different colours and it just takes 30 seconds from the time the person selects his chosen coloraturas through a mobile app. The mobile app is available both on Android as well as iOS.

Typical to the pattern of these-days online retailers, Snapdeal also asked its users to pre-book the shirt for Rs 199, as an introductory price, which will be delivered to them later.

When you try to prebook, logging into the app, it finally tells you ‘Happy April Fool’s Day’ and chuckles that ‘Smart Shirt only lives in our hearts’.

To give a flavour of authenticity to the ‘smart shirt’ campaign, Snapdeal also released an official press release about the same. The statement also mentioned that the shirt is a part of a Silicon Valley startup colourX’ wearables portfolio. To add more spice to the campaign, the company also said that it was developed by one Sathya Balasubramaniam, who had worked with Snapdeal in the past.

IoT, wearables, hearables and similar futuristic stuffs have become quite a ‘common jargon’ these days and these online retailers like Snapdeal are the first ones to make them available to the customers. So, getting a ;smart shirt’ stuff that can change its colour in 30-seconds, might have seemed quite ‘okay’ to many, and this helped Snapdeal making its April fool’ Day campaign a success.

April Fool’s Day or no April Fool’s Day, this campaign, for sure, got some more new users for Snapdeal who might have downloaded its app just to check and ‘prebook’ the smart shirt.

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