HKT education to provide free broadband services

HKT education, an eLearning division of HKT, will provide free Fiber-to-the School (FTTS) broadband and Wi-Fi services for use by primary and secondary schools under the “Wi-Fi as a Service School Partnership Project”.

Appointed by Hong Kong Education City (HKEdCity) and the Association for IT Leaders in Education (AiTLE), HKT education will further help advance education by providing free Internet access services to 29 out of 33 participating primary and secondary schools for a 20-month period starting January 2014.

HKT education will provide: Super high-speed direct FTTS broadband service; State-of-the-art managed Wi-Fi technology for classrooms with each supporting at least 40 concurrent wireless connections; Centralized secure login authentication; and Outstanding end-to-end school customer care including provisioning, monitoring and maintenance services.

HKT education will also provide to a number of classes in all the 14 participating primary schools for free with the following HKT education eLearning Solutions:
Cloud Learning System, enabling pre-class preparation and post-class assessment; Active Learning Solutions System, facilitating in-class content synchronization and interaction; Tablets for students and teachers; and eLearning content and resources consultancy to match the school curricula.

Ringo Ng, MD, Consumer Group of HKT and HKT education said, “HKT education is keen to embrace this opportunity to support teachers, students and parents to achieve higher education goals in this new era of eLearning. HKT education is committed to investing in the latest technology that is integrated with pedagogy and content, and using its resources to minimize digital divide, advance education and enrich everyday life.”

“We believe that as more teachers and students have the opportunity to appreciate the benefits of our eLearning Solutions, we can expedite the business roll-out to more classes in schools across Hong Kong,” added Ringo Ng.

HKT has been leveraging its technology leadership to support education throughout the years. For example, HKT has been providing free Internet access to all universities’ students in Hong Kong via its 12,000 citywide Wi-Fi hotspots, as well as providing affordable broadband service to thousands of underprivileged students under the government’s “i Learn at Home” programme.

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