Have You Got Jio Postpaid? Here Is Why You Should Get It Now!

The kind of disruption that Reliance Jio brought to the Indian telecom industry, specifically for prepaid customers, is known to all. In no time a Jio SIM has become the primary calling number for 160 million customers. The company is planning to do exactly the same with its postpaid plans. Let’s see what Jio Postpaid got for you.

The 4G operator launched its new postpaid plans on Thursday. On the face value the Jio postpaid plans seem to bring some sort of revolution in the way postpaid customers are treated in the country so far.

The new Jio Postpaid plan is called ‘Zero-touch’ plan. What it essentially means is the zero-touch Jio postpaid plan is a hassle free postpaid plan. And it offers all the benefits the operator offers to its prepaid users at present.

The new plan starts with Rs 199 monthly plan where in the customer gets free voice calls for life, unlimited SMS, all the Jio apps and 25 GB of 4G data. Customers are offered ISD facility without a security deposit money. And the ISD facility is offered preactivated. Also, the ISD calls are offered at dirt cheap prices.

ISD calls to USA and Canada, the countries that get maximum outbound ISD calls from India, are priced at 50 paisa per minute. Ironically, some of the Indian operators still charge 50 paisa per one minute of local call!

ISD calls to other countries range from Rs 2 per minute to Rs 6 per minute, which even much less than what some of the incumbent operators charge for a call to the same country.

In terms of international roaming, Jio postpaid plan also beats the incumbent operators hands down. The international roaming with Jio postpaid starts with a 2-2-2 plan that offers Rs 2 per call, Rs 2 per SMS, and Rs 2 per MB of data. This plan is applicable for almost all the countries that Indians travel frequently, and for the rest of the countries there is another international roaming plan – 10-10-10 which implies Rs 10 each for a 1 minute of call, 1 SMS and 1 MB of data.

The Jio postpaid plans are available starting 15 May.

While postpaid customers account for not more than 5% of the total customer base of any Indian telecom operators at this stage, the dynamics may change soon with the disruptive Jio postpaid plans.

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