Meet The ‘Repair In India’ Man Of The Country

GreenDust, that works on reverse logistics concept is in talks with Foxconn and expects India to be a $25 billion market by 2020


Hitendra Chaturvedi, MD& Founder, GreenDust

Before India’s Prime minister Narendra Modi started the ‘Make In India’ campaign a year back, there was a man who took few bold steps in that direction, by means of ‘repairing’ what is available in India. In 2008, a computer engineer from IIT Roorkee started a company that repairs, refurbishes and reuses the electronic goods including home appliances, gadgets, mobiles etc and created a market of billions of dollars.

That’s Hitendra Chaturvedi for you who founded GreenDust six years back.

How come a computer engineer jumped in to ‘second hands’ market? Chaturvedi clarifies with a brilliant analogy.

“When someone gets sick or take ill, we don’t take him to the crematorium, we take him to a doctor,” Chaturvedi says. “Then why we behave differently with electronic goods when it still has lots of life left.”

“And these are not second hand or used products,” he clarifies. “We call it our ‘Repair in India’ initiative.”

And this ‘repair in India’ is the first step towards ‘make in India’, he believes.

The Idea

Chaturvedi worked on that idea and almost started the concept of ‘reverse logistics’ in India. He started working on the thousands of electronics goods lying idle in warehouses and godowns that have little or no damages. His company GreenDust gets these products, does whatever repair required, refurbishes, and sells in the market at a much cheaper rate.

“India’s electronics retail market is set to touch $120 billion by 2020,” he cites some report and ‘the return rate is almost 15 to 20%.”

“That creates a market of around $20-25 billion in next two to three years,” he says.

The Scaling Up

GreenDust created a flutter few days back when Foxconn’s chairman said that the company is in close talks with GreenDust for some kind of associations. There were rumors that the Taiwanese electronics manufacturing giant would be acquiring or investing in Chaturvedi’s firm

“Yes, we are in discussions, and Terry Gou liked the concept of GreenDust. We are yet to finalize in what way we could work together,” Chaturvedi tells TeleAnalysis.

Foreign collaborations or not, GreenDust however, is expanding its reach in the country. The company is hiring people from tier-II and tier-III cities and also hires engineers from IIT as well as other engineering institutes.

“Knowingly or unknowingly we have been working on ‘Make In India’, ‘Skill India’ and ‘Clean India’ concepts since inception. In the last four years, Chaturvedi says, GreenDust has stopped 3 million units of electronic goods from going to e-waste plants.

“In that way we are helping India to reduce pollution generated from the e-waste plants,” he adds.

At present GreenDust has 14 plants for the repair and refurbishment of the electronics goods and the company has over 600 direct employees.

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