Government to implement time bound rollout of broadband

The Government of India is committed to a time bound rollout of broadband network up-to every gram panchayat numbering about 250,000.

During his inauguration speech, N Ravi Shanker said, “The Government of India is committed to a time bound rollout of broadband network up to every Gram Panchayat numbering about 250,000. What is required from the industry is the utilization of the network by providing all possible applications across the country.”

In India, the drive to facilitate widespread broadband access has been high on the national agenda for some time now. The government of India has played a pivotal role in developing broadband infrastructure in the country. The creation of  the National Optical Fiber Network (NOFN) has opened up new possibilities of development in the Indian broadband market.

The National Telecom Policy (NTP 2012), with its ‘Broadband on Demand vision’, has also been heralded by the industry as a step in the right direction and is expected to add significant fillip to India’s broadband penetration and growth.

“Today, India has over 1 billion connected gadgets and hunger for connectivity is growing at a rapid pace,” said Shyam P Mardikar, chief – strategy, Architecture & Engineering, Bharti Airtel.

While speaking during the day long deliberations Vijay Jain, chief operating officer & director, Telecom Infrastructure Business, Sterlite Networks said, “Due to high cost of deployment and limited data carrying capacity of copper based network, fiber is having a clear cut advantage and is future ready.”

During his welcome speech, Shashi Dharan, managing director, Bharat Exhibitions said, “Broadband has significant potential to facilitate economic and social development, especially in rural India, where broadband connectivity is expected to play a crucial role in empowering the masses. Addressing the above-mentioned issues could result in achieving greater traction in the Indian broadband market.”

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