Google To Run Completely On Renewable Energy By 2017

And this is a big news for our planet earth, if a company size that of Google goes to run entirely on renewable energy

That’s true, Google is all set to run entirely on renewable energy by 2017 – just next year. All of its datacenters and offices will be run by renewable energy sources like wind, solar and hybrid.

“I’m thrilled to announce that in 2017 Google will reach 100% renewable energy for our global operations — including both our data centers and offices,” writes Urs Holzle, company’s senior VP, technical infrastructure.

The journey of going the renewable energy way started in 2010, though planning was started long back, when Google signed an agreement with NextEra Energy Resources, a 114 megawatt wind farm based in Iowa, to buy all of its produced energy. Six years later, the company claims to be the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy – 2.6 gigawatts or 2,600 megawatts. In 2015, the company signed six new agreements to purchase 842 MW of renewable energy.

How’s Google Going About It



Google is buying renewable energy, be it wind, solar or hybrid, from power firms directly – means, the entire capacity of power the solar or wind farm produces, Google buys whole of it, and not through any grids. Besides the company is creating new energy from renewable sources and fund these projects.

It has so far invested in 20 renewable energy projects and Google’s power purchase commitments, the company says, will drive investments up to $3.5 billion globally and close to 67% in US alone. Besides, the Mountain View firm believes this activity will create thousands of jobs and will generate tens of millions of dollars per year in revenue to local property owners, and tens of millions more to local and national governments in tax revenue.

Firms Google buys its renewable energy from and capacity

Power Company                           Capacity

Story County                                        114 Mw
MidAmerican Energy Wind             407 MW
Cimarron Bend                                   200 MW
Duke Rider                                           61 MW
Golden Hills                                        43 MW
Canadian Hills                                    48 MW
Bluestorm                                            198 MW
Great Western                                    225 MW
Minco II                                              101 MW
Bethel                                                  225 MW
Happy Hereford                               239 MW

Lehtirova                                            103 MW
Maevaara                                            105 MW
Jenasen                                               76 MW
Beaufort                                             76 MW
Tellenes                                             160 MW
Eolus Wind Farms                         60 MW
Windpark Krammer                      26 MW
Delfzijl                                             63 MW

*These above firms are primarily based in North America, South America and Europe.

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