Google Raises Largest Ever Crisis Fund For Immigration Ban

Google, one of world’s most valuable company, has created a $4 million crisis fund to provide assistance to those who are impacted by the Trump immigration ban notification.

This fund of $4 million, largest ever created by Google, is created by equal donation from the company and from donations from its employees. Besides, many senior executives of the search engine giant, are also donating to the fund on their individual capacity.

The raised money will be given to four American civil rights organisations – UNHCR, Immigrant Legal Resource Center, American Civil Liberties and International Rescue Committee.

This step was taken by Google and its employees one day after CEO Sundar Pichai raised concerns regarding the implications of the immigration ban. US President Donald Trump has banned entry of people from 7 countries with Muslim majority population for the next three months. People from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia are affected by the ban. Besides he has halted entry of all refugees to the country for next 120 days.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin has also raised concerns over the controversial issue and demonstrated at the San Francisco airport a day back.

Its not Google, many tech giants based out of the US including Apple, Uber, Tesla, Airbnb and Microsoft have disagreed over the immigration ban and appealed the government to reconsider it.

The immigration ban, however, has ran in to a temporary roadblock after a US district court put a stay on the executive order last Saturday.

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