Etisalat group collaborate with Ericsson

Etisalat group and Ericsson have signed an MoU for a new collaboration in the field of high-speed, responsive networks, laying the foundation for enhanced next-generation infrastructure for m-government and smart city initiatives.

Through this partnership, Etisalat Group and Ericsson will launch trials of innovative technologies such as LTE broadcast, Radio Dot system, and Ericsson’s heterogeneous network solutions.

“Over the Years, Etisalat Group has demonstrated its capability to build and sustain the most advanced and innovative networks,” said Hatem Bamatraf, chief technology officer, Etisalat Group.

“Conducting such innovative trials will be only the first step in what will pave the way for further collaborations and the eventual delivery of more advanced, reliable and faster broadband access to users across the region,” added Bamatraf.

Etisalat will jointly collaborate with Ericsson to explore opportunities of expanding Mobile Identity based services across Etisalat group footprint. Mobile Identity is a key foundation for mGovernment, mCommerce and mHealth services which allows subscribers to use their mobile identity securely via a one-click sign in, giving secure access to diverse applications, government services and websites.

Together, Etisalat and Ericsson will support regional government initiatives with key enablers such as ubiquitous connectivity, citizen proximity (ensuring services are just one click away), ease of access (single sign on), and open platforms. The parties will work together to ensure that citizens have seamless access to services through the devices of their choice, without compromising on performance or user experience.

“Innovative experiences must be delivered to our customers anytime, anywhere. For that, we are always looking for the latest technologies that enable the most advanced customer experience. Enabling the Networked Society across our network will support m-government initiatives,” said Khalifa Al Shamsi, chief digital services officer, Etisalat group.

“Over the years, partnerships with Ericsson have placed Etisalat at the forefront of deploying leading technologies, guiding us to enable the networked society,” added Shamsi.

“Our collaboration with Etisalat Group will help bring the reality of a networked society even closer to realization, as individuals across the region benefit from seamless connectivity,” said Anders Lindblad, president, Middle East, Ericsson.

“It is collaborations such as these that will carry us forward into a more connected future, where technologies are deployed to build more robust, reliable networks to enable superior user experiences,” added Lindblad.

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