Etisalat completes first phase of BSS project

Etisalat has announced the completion of the first phase of Business Support Systems (BSS) project with Ericsson in the United Arab Emirates.

The project is aimed at simplifying business processes and deploying converged Business Support Systems architecture to enhance customer care, convergent billing, charging and order management.

During the first phase of the project, Etisalat and Ericsson reengineered the telecom operator’s business processes. Etisalat’s new  environment now boasts advantages such as faster response to time-to-market pressures, increased customer-centricity and improved operational efficiency.

Etisalat has so far migrated its postpaid mobile consumer subscribers to the new BSCS iX convergent, end-to-end billing and customer care system and integrated other third-party software components. The next phases of the program will address Etisalat’s enterprise customers, as well as fixed telephony, internet and television sections for both retail consumers and enterprises.

In addition, Ericsson will streamline Etisalat’s automated order management capability and deliver a new sales force automation capability and point-of-sale payment system.

Sabri Ali Yahya, chief information officer, Etisalat said, “The increasing competition and rapid technology evolution have put enormous pressure on our Business Support Systems landscape. Hence we decided to transform our BSS systems to increase our speed and agility in addressing the competition and growing market share as well as improving the customer experience and capturing new revenue streams.”

“We are now looking forward to the remaining phases of this strategic transformation program which will pave the way for driving product innovation, improving customer experience and enhancing our operational effectiveness,” added Yahya.

The transformation involves process re-engineering and delivery of Ericsson BSCS iX convergent billing and customer care system and Ericsson order management as well as delivery and integration of third party products: point of sale, enterprise service bus, bill presentment and sales force automation.

Paolo Colella, head, Consulting and Systems Integration, Ericsson said, “This is the first phase of a comprehensive, long-term business transformation project that has been ongoing for four years. We have worked with Etisalat for many years in other areas, but this is a real milestone because it is the biggest business transformation project that we have ever been involved in.”

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