Ericsson’s New Mobile Broadband Solution Can Save 40% Cost

log-ericssonEricsson on Tuesday launched a new set of mobile broadband solutions targeted towards telcos who want to scale their network in low-ARPU markets. These solutions from Ericsson, as per the company claims, can reduce the opex cost by 40%.

“The new suite of solutions, which includes software and hardware additions to Ericsson Radio System, provide the capabilities needed to reduce the total cost of ownership by up to 40 percent when rolling out Ericsson’s total site solution for mobile broadband, making investments in low-ARPU markets viable,” Ericsson said in a statement.

The Swedish firm is also in engagements with telecom operators in India including Idea Cellular for possible deployments in some of its circles.

“India is a very diverse market so our greatest need in challenging areas is to complement the existing GSM networks with WCDMA and LTE access. We see the Radio 2219 and Psi Coverage as important assets when we extend mobile broadband coverage across the country,” said Rajesh Singh, President, Corporate Network Planning, Idea.

The solutions also come with new mobile broadband tools, which will help operators to identify which sites in a GSM/EDGE coverage area have the highest number of users who already have internet-ready devices. Operators can then determine where it makes more sense to convert those sites first to HSPA or 4G/LTE, so that the greatest number of people will enjoy the benefits of mobile broadband.

Ericsson says the new mobile broadband solutions would  help bridge the digital divide and bring mobile broadband coverage to the remaining three billion people who are underserved or without mobile broadband access.

“These are among the most important additions to our product portfolio for mobile broadband coverage growth ever. Ericsson supports the International Telecommunication Union’s Connect 2020 target of ensuring that more than 50 percent of people in the developing world are using the internet by 2020. In order to reach this goal, together we will need to connect roughly 500,000 new users to the internet each day,” said Arun Bansal, Head of Business Unit Network Products, Ericsson.

The company also said that Ericsson continues innovating so that operators can create viable business even in rural or off-grid settings, and to make the most difference with every investment.

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