Ericsson to partner with Telefonica

Ericsson and Telefonica has announced the launch of a joint R&D program specifically in the areas of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and service provider Software Defined Networking (SDN).

This will help Telefonica to build more flexible and cost-efficient solutions, as well as to enable networks as true platforms for innovation.

Enrique Blanco, Global CTO, Telefonica said, “We are living in an extremely dynamic and changing environment, and flexibility is the only approach to efficiently adapt our business to our customers’ needs. Network virtualization brings unique opportunities to address current and upcoming challenges while building a more sustainable network model. This collaboration with Ericsson will help us to advance this future network.”

Telefonica and Ericsson will define a joint view on how the transformation of networks should take place, sharing a common outlook on the order in which network functions will be virtualized and which applications are likely to give the most benefit.

The joint initiative aims to guide standardization and industry bodies, and to provide an important contribution to establishing a cross-industry view of what is needed to take virtualization from theory to reality.

Ulf Ewaldsson, CTO, Ericsson said, “A virtualized network will provide an open and distributed execution platform where nodes are capable of hosting distributed network functions. Through network virtualization the network of the future will support innovation and an improved user experience with new, tailored services and more efficient utilization of network resources.”

The Telefonica-Ericsson R&D program includes collaboration in deep-dive technical investigations and testing, addressing areas such as network transformation and migration, virtualization of network functions, network security, SDN technology as well as network virtualization infrastructure, management and orchestration.

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