Elitecore launches diameter signaling controller

Elitecore Technologies, an OSS/BSS solution provider has launched a diameter signaling controlling solution named EliteDSC.

EliteDSC comes with new features including a software-based approach along with virtualization technology to support flexibility, scalability, low TCO and high availability needs of operators across 4G, LTE and IMS networks.

As compared to legacy hardware based solution, a software-based approach to diameter signaling ensures flexibility in integration through simple GUI-based configuration, enabling operators to introduce software-level changes to create new features, applications and use cases.

Virtualization in EliteDSC maximizes hardware performance, improves manageability of newer resources and adds scalability to operator’s networks while creating new services based on evolving subscriber needs.

The virtualized Diameter engine does away with server sprawl, reduces hardware and deployment costs, ensures disaster recovery and faster provisioning which drastically saves on power consumption and prevents lock-in with hardware vendors.

Commenting on the product, Dhaval Vora, VP, Product Management, Elitecore said, “Software-based approach and virtualization is a far more effective way to manage the increasing number of signaling-hungry Services compared to investing in new hardware and resources each time there is a network expansion.”

EliteDSC is part of Elitecore’s \core session management platform with a common diameter and radius stack that enables easy integration processes for seamless connectivity and efficient routing functions including relay, redirect, proxy and translation features with intuitive administrative interface.

The enhanced EliteDSC version has extendible scripting module to facilitate interoperability across multiple network devices from different vendors allowing operators to program and automate policy-based configuration changes in network signaling. It also facilitates ease in SNMP and WebService based integration which can extend O&M and EMS for configuration, security ACL, reporting, planning, fault and performance management.

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