dtac to launch 4G

dtac TriNet is about to launch 4G services on 2100 MHz in the center of Bangkok soon and is accelerating the upgrade of all cell sites to 3G 2100 MHz by June 2014, as part of the Connecting Everyone by 2015 – Internet for All mission.

Jon Eddy Abdullah, chief executive Officer, Total Access Communication or dtac said, “By 2015, every dtac customer will have internet experience on mobile phones or tablets. Currently, 38 percent of customers have already experienced mobile internet, which helps raise the standard of living in Thai society, increases overall competitiveness of the country and bridges digital divide.

dtac is focusing on three three strategies. First, ‘Internet for All’, is to enable all Thai people to access internet within 3 years for a better quality of life. second, enhancing customer experience in data services and third, dtac TriNet is ready to launch 4G on 2100 MHz soon.

dtac estimates that there will be over 1 million 4G-capable smartphones or tablets on our network nationwide.

dtac TriNet tested 4G in 2012, and with the most advanced network equipment in the country dtac can quickly upgrade its entire network from 3G to 4G by just installing 4G cards in its network cabinets, which takes less than 15 minutes. This has made dtac an operator with the readiness to launch and bring the latest 4G technology to its customers. We also believe that technology will create great opportunities for customers across the country.

At the moment, dtac TriNet has 14 million subscribers (data as of February 9, 2014) with approximately 55-60 percent population coverage through 5,900 3G 2100 MHz cell sites across the country. dtac TriNet has plan to upgrade every cell site to 3G capacity within June to enable 3G services, especially in rural areas, and to increase the speed of mobile internet.

Chaiyod Chirabowornkul, chief customer officer, Customer Group, Total Access Communication or dtac said, “dtac plans to invest THB 800 million to revamp and expand 300 dtac centers and 200,000 refill retailers in every district across the country. Customers will experience one-stop service that delivers convenient and end-to-end services, including integrated counseling, sales, and after sales services.”

Under the third strategy, dtac has created an infrastructure sharing model, which allows operators to share telecom poles, transmission devices, and fiber optics to optimize resources, save investment, and speed up the deployment.

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