dtac testing 4G LTE service

dtac TriNet is gearing up its first phase rollout of base stations and preparing to test 4G LTE service on 2100 MHz frequency band in Bangkok.

dtac has full confidence in its advanced technology and its system development, which is progressing as planned, to support growth in data services and to enhance customer experience on dtac TriNet network.

Panya Vechbanyongratana, senior vice President, Network Operations, Total Access Communication or dtac said, “dtac TriNet has been building base stations in Bangkok following the approval from NBTC to develop and launch 4G LTE service on its 2100 MHz frequency band under the current license agreement.”

“Our infrastructure is in full readiness as it is compatible and ready to support latest technology, simply by installing 4G cards at base stations. We have started 4G LTE technical testing and will be ready for a commercial launch soon,” added Vechbanyongratana.

dtac TriNet has designed its initial 4G service area to cover inner Bangkok due to high data traffic, aiming to improve performance and customer experience in those areas. dtac TriNet staff is gearing up to upgrade its 4G LTE base stations according to schedule.

The development of 4G LTE on 2100 MHz will give dtac customers a superior experience in mobile communication and trigger a new revolution in the telecommunications industry in Thailand.

dtac TriNet was successful with the combining of 2100 MHz, 850 MHz, and 1800 MHz frequency bands into one network, resulting in the widest bandwidth available as well as supporting the widest range of mobile devices and usage.

“dtac TriNet network has an intelligent system that automatically switches networks for users in any location. This reinforces the Internet for All strategy that aims to make internet accessible to all Thai people, thus improving their quality of life,” said Panya.

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