Deutsche Bank Signs Vodafone as Strategic Partner

Deutsche-Bank-Signs-Vodafone-as-Strategic-Telecom-PartnerVodafone announced today that it has become a global strategic telecommunications partner for Deutsche Bank.

Vodafone has signed a five and a half year agreement with Deutsche Bank. Under the contract, Vodafone will take over the delivery and support of fixed and mobile voice services across 28 countries. Vodafone will also establish a number of centralised services for the Bank including ordering and billing.

Jan Geldmacher, chief executive, Global Enterprise, Vodafone said, “This is a great opportunity for Deutsche Bank to bring all its communications needs under one umbrella. Creating global standards and common practices will make the Bank more efficient and help to support its future plans.”

Clint Price, head, Technology Service Operations, Deutsche Bank said, “This agreement will provide greater controls and transparency around Deutsche Bank’s telecoms usage and expenditure. Moving to a globally consistent approach will help the Bank manage costs actively while making it easier for employees to order and pay for telephone services.”ns to spend 60 percent of his digital marketing budget with Facebook this year.

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