Despite Free, Jio Users Make Shortest Calls


There is only one company that is providing free services in the country, both calls and data, is Reliance Jio but a recent survey found that despite free offers Jio users are making voice calls for the shortest duration.

It was initially believed that Jio users would make voice calls for hours as it is free but this survey findings is bit startling.

Average call duration for a Jio user in the last six months was shortest, at 30 seconds, while Vodafone users make the longest call, at 41 seconds, states TrueCaller in its survey TrueInsights.

“While Jio was growing faster than Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype during initial months as the company stated, it is surprising to see the shorter call duration since there is generally little difference between operators,” said TrueCaller.

The call detection app, however, tried to give some justification to the unexpected short call duration and attributed to call drops.

“If overlaid with the average call duration, it does seem like the data points to some unintended usage patterns, such as Jio sims primarily being used for data or an increased amount of dropped calls and hence redials on the Jio network,” it said.

Truecaller also gave some other findings on Jio users’ calling pattern. It said though the call duration is the shortest, Jio users are making the most number of calls compared to any oter operator.

May be because its free.

As for the overall general calling patterns in the country, there are some marked differences across regions with Kolkata users having the longest median call duration (42.17 seconds) and Jammu and Kashmir with shortest call duration (28.63 seconds).

The TrueCaller app further said, referring its data, that it’s clear that Jio has already shaken up the mobile landscape in India. Mobile internet usage is expected to grow to over 500 million customers by the end of 2017 with a large portion of those picking Jio. As a result there’s already consolidation discussions among operators in India due to the increased competitive pressures.

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