Denmark’s national stadium deploys Cisco’s Wi-Fi

Denmark’s national stadium, PARKEN, is to become one of the most connected stadiums in Scandinavia and will deploy Cisco’s Wi-Fi and Mobile Video solution.

Cisco’s Connected Sports solutions include a custom built Connected Stadium platform that allows thousands of fans to connect and engage like never before.

The fan technology suit includes Connected Stadium Wi-Fi, Cisco StadiumVision Mobile, the latest technology that offers dynamic channel viewing and data for fans to consume on the latest mobile devices, and Cisco StadiumVision, which allows the venue to target and deliver high-definition video and digital content on 100 displays placed throughout the stadium.

The approximately one million people visiting PARKEN stadium every year will soon be able to enjoy free reliable Wi-Fi, after PARKEN signed agreements with both Cisco and Telia to enable and deliver seamless connectivity to all fans, press and stadium operations.

The Wi-Fi network service is managed by Telia, and its installation will be based on Cisco’s years of experience in Sports and Entertainment and innovative technology. PARKEN becomes the first Danish stadium to install the cutting edge wireless technology, joining the likes of Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu, Manchester City FC’s Etihad Stadium and Celtic FC’s Celtic Park.

With Cisco StadiumVision, StadiumVision Mobile and Connected Stadium Wi-Fi, PARKEN will begin offering an interactive and immersive experience for their audience.

Niels Munster-Hansen, managing director, Cisco Denmark said, “We are proud to have the opportunity to work with PARKEN Sport & Entertainment to collaboratively fulfill their vision of being the most interactive stadium in Europe.”

In addition to the reliable Wi-Fi, PARKEN is to offer Cisco StadiumVision Mobile, which delivers up to four channels of live video and data content so that fans can enjoy instant video replays, live broadcast of the match, stats, and other additional unique video content.

Between this solution and Cisco StadiumVision powering 100 high-definition displays placed throughout the stadium, it will ensure that fans do not miss a single moment of the action.

Several other Nordic stadiums are also currently implementing free Wi-Fi to connect the unconnected fans. In January 2014, the Norwegian Professional Football League announced it will be the first league in the world to implement Cisco Wi-Fi and mobile video as a league solution.

“We’re very excited about the agreement between PARKEN, Cisco and Telia. It will improve the fans’ overall match day experience through network enabled interactions, creating a more engaging and memorable experience,” said Claus Thomsen, CEO, Divisionsforeningen, member of the European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL).

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