DDA to provide 443 sites for telecom tower

Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is opening up 443 sites through e-auction route to set up telecom towers in their premises.

The telecom operators can erect ground based masts (GBM)/ground based tower (GBT)/roof top towers (RTT) for unified license/unified access service license/cellular mobile telephony license including broadband wireless access license and IP-1 license holders.

The opening up of sites by DDA for telecom towers is good news for operators as they have been facing lot of resistance from citizens to set up new towers in their locality.

The operator who wins the e-auction of towers will pay a minimum license fee of Rs 60,000 per month for each GBM/GBT/RTT to be paid for the space to be used (maximum 150 square feet) for erecting the temporary structure. Further each additional service provider company shall pay rental at the rate of 20 percent of the minimum monthly charges quoted by the consortium.

At the time of installation of GBM/GBT/RTT, one-time charge of Rs 5 lakh per GBM/GBT/RTT is payable on non-refundable basis. In case of sharing, additional sum of Rs 1 lakh per service provider will be charged. If the successful company is a consortium of more than one companies, additional sum of Rs 1 lakh each shall be chargeable over and above Rs 5 lakh.

The license will be granted for 5 year term and shall be renewed after 5 years at the sole discretion of vice chairman, DDA upto a maximum period of 15 years from the date of allotment.

The service provider/licensee will be required to pay security deposit equal to three months rental. This amount will remain with the DDA till the service provider removes the structures and will be refunded without interest.

With this e-auction DDA will collect a total of Rs 62 crore. Of this Rs 7.97 crore as security deposit, Rs 22.15 crore as one time charge and Rs 31.89 crore as rental for a year. Every year there would be automatic escalation in rental rates by 6 percent.

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