Cosmote’s snow covered tower

The photo of Cosmote’s snow covered tower has gone viral on the Internet says

Cosmote has said that it has dealt with 80 cases of extreme weather events this year.

Due to extreme weather conditions, the height of the snow has made it difficult for technicians to access base station. In majority of the cases, the problem was caused by ice sheets that had covered the base stations

In 2011, the Cosmote’s technicians had to intervene in more than 100 cases due to snow, frost, heat waves and floods.

Cosmote has not only managed to conquer the leading position in the Greek mobile telephony market but also established itself as one of the biggest mobile operators in South East Europe and a wider market of 46 million people. The company started its commercial operations in Greece in the spring of 1998 as the third mobile telephony operator in the country, entering the market five years after its competitors and today it has 7.9 million subscribers.

The company has expanded to the wider region of south east Europe, where the group operates through its subsidiaries, AMC in Albania, Globul in Bulgaria and Cosmote in Romania. In this extended market of 46 million people, Cosmote is everywhere, mostly due to Germanos, the most successful telecommunications retail chain in south east Europe that is today the backbone of the group’s commercial network (excluding Albania).

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