Idea Results FY18 : Revenue, Profit And All Other Data

Idea Cellular, India’s third largest telecom operator by subscriber base, has announced its results for Q4, 2018 and for the full year 2018. Though the results show the company is recovering from the financial crisis created because of steep competition in the market, there are miles to go. We bring you here some data pertaining to the company’s revenue in last quarter as well as corresponding quarters, annual financial performance and some more data. Here, Idea results includes the company’s as well as its subsidiaries’ results in a consolidated manner.

Idea results announced Saturday reported the company’s revenue at Rs 6137 crore in Q4, 2018 as against Rs 8126 crore a year back, showing a dip of 24.5%. In the Q3, the firm’s revenue was Rs 6509 crore which is a dip of 5.7% on a sequential basis. Below is a table showing Idea’s Q4 as well as full year financial details.

Idea Results 2018 – (Revenue)

Q4, 2018 – Rs 6137 Cr
Q3, 2018 – Rs 6509 Cr
Q2, 2018 – Rs 7465 Cr
Q1, 2018 – Rs 8167 Cr

Full Year – Rs 26,265 Cr

In terms of net profit, the company performed better in Q4, 2018 compared to the previous quarter. The firm has reported a loss of Rs 931 crore in Q4, 2018 as against a loss of Rs 1286 crore in the previous quarter. However, if we compare the same with the firm’s performance in the same quarter in the previous year, Idea’s loss has trippled during the priod. In Q4, 2017, Idea Cellular has reported a loss of Rs 326 crore.

Idea Results 2018 (Net Profit/Loss)

Q4, 2018 – Rs 931 Cr (Loss)
Q3, 2018 – Rs 1286 Cr (Loss)
Q2, 2018 – Rs 1108 Cr (Loss)
Q1, 2018 – Rs 816 Cr (Loss)

Full Year – Rs 4141 Cr (Loss)

Idea Revenue – Year Wise

FY 2018 – Rs 28,279 Cr
FY 2017 – Rs 35,576 Cr
FY 2016 – Rs 35,949 Cr
FY 2015 – Rs 31,555 Cr
FY 2014 – Rs 26,503 Cr

Non Financial Data
In terms of subscribers, at the end of Q4 and full year of 2018, Idea’s customer base increased to 194.4 million from 188.5 million in Q3. The company has added around 5 million customers in the entire year as its customer base in Q4, 2017 was around 189.5 million.

Customer base – Year Wise
FY 2018 – 194.5 million
FY 2017 – 189.5 million
FY 2016 – 175.1 million
FY 2015 – 157.8 million
FY 2014 – 135. 8 million

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