RIL AGM : What Mukesh Ambani Said About Reliance Jio

Reliance Industries conducted its 41st AGM (annual general meeting) today at the Birla Matushri Hall in Mumbai. The company’s Chairman Mukesh D Ambani presented the RIL AGM and shared with the stakeholders about all aspects of the company including the company’s performance in its various business interests.

Here, we brought you the verbatim of Ambani’s speech at the RIL AGM on Reliance Jio, the company’s most ambitious project.

RIL AGM : Mukesh Ambani’s Speech on Reliance Jio

Dear Friends,

I want to start with Reliance Jio – OUR DIGITALSERVICES INITIATIVE.

Since I last spoke, we have doubled our customer base to over 215 million now.

215 million customers within 22 months of start is a record that no technology company has been able to achieve anywhere in the world. In the last one year, we have achieved UNPRECEDENTED GROWTH starting with an already existing large base:

Data usage has grown from 125 crore GBs per month to more than 240 crore GBs per month. We were the world’s largest mobile data network last year and the gap from the others has only widened in the last 12 months.

Voice usage on the network has grown from 250 crore minutes per day to more than 530 crore minutes per day. The amount of video consumption has grown from 165 crore hours per month to more than 340 crore hours per month.

Doubling of these metrics at such scale is truly unparalleled.

Our customers are actively engaged with us for more than 290 minutes per day on an average.

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Jio’s motto is simple:

We are determined to connect everyone and everything, everywhere – always at the highest quality and the most affordable price.

Like our customer metrics, our NETWORK also CONTINUES to expand rapidly.

In terms of COVERAGE…

Our network has a wider coverage than any other network in India.

We are on track towards achieving our target of 99% population coverage with 4G-LTE.

This means that Jio will be present in every district, taluk, gram panchayat and village of India.

When it comes to CAPACITY…

Over the past 12 months, we have more than doubled our NETWORK CAPACITY.

Even after serving the needs of our 215+ MILLION customers, the capacity utilization of the Jio network is LESS THAN 20%.

Which means, we can multiply our customer base without additional investment. We have achieved this unprecedented network growth while maintaining our NUMBER ONE position as the FASTEST network in India… as attested by the TRAI speed-test data for each and every month of the past year.

We recognize that just around 1% of our customers are yet to enjoy the best user experience some of the time.

But we are working tirelessly to satisfy and delight them as well.

Jio is a customer obsessed organization and will work harder to ensure that not even one consumer remains dissatisfied on our network.

We will bring you what Ambani said at the RIL AGM about other business verticals in the subsequent stories.

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