China Unicom deploys small cell

China Unicom had chosen Huawei’s AtomCell small cell solution to improve mobile network coverage in the city of Harbin.

Network coverage quality for both outdoor and indoor environments in the deployed areas were greatly enhanced, meaning China Unicom is able to deliver higher data speeds and a more reliable network performance for its subscribers.

Growth in smart devices and bandwidth-heavy mobile broadband services has made it more difficult for operators in recent years to deliver the best possible end user experience everywhere their subscribers go.

Residential communities in dense urban areas have been particularly affected due to the complexity of providing greater network capacity deep through multiple walls and without available space for additional rooftop sites.

China Unicom chose to deploy AtomCell to address these issues, employing a small cell network that uses the same frequency as its existing macro network without needing to invest in new transmission resources.

AtomCell supports both wired and wireless backhaul depending on operator needs to greatly site resource acquisition and shorten time for network construction, and supports end-to-end IP RAN networking. Its supporting wireless products are designed to accommodate flexibility in deployment, and feature a small size and light weight while being suitable for installation on walls or vertical polls.

AtomCell is a part of Huawei’s SoftMobile solution for building upon the successful foundation of SingleRAN amid industry movement away from voice-and-text, pure-pipe services to an era of data diversity and new vertical market revenue streams.

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