China Telecom and China Unicom Bags 4G License

China-Telecom-and-China-Unicom-Bags-4G-LicenseChina Telecom and China Unicom has bagged 4G license to deploy 4G LTE FDD nationwide in China.

The board of directors of the China Telecom announced that the company was notified by China Telecommunications Corporation (the parent company) that China Telecom has been granted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China the permit to operate the 4G LTE FDD mobile service in China.

On 4th December, 2013 China Telecom was granted the permit to operate 4G TD-LTE in China.

The company will leverage the competitive edge of hybrid network and flexibly deploy the LTE network, leveraging collaborated use of different spectrum resources to meet customers’ demand. Through its collaborated and integrated operation with the existing superior 3G network, the company would grasp the rapidly growing data business opportunities with an aim to better enhance customers experience and corporate return.

China Unicom has been notified by its parent company, China United Network Communications Group Company, that Unicom parent has been granted the license to operate 4G LTE FDD by MIIT.

MIIT has also granted approval for Unicom parent to license China United Network Communications, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, to operate 4G LTE FDD nationwide in China.

The company will continue to pursue its strategy of “Leading Mobile Broadband and Innovating Operational Integration”, expand its mobile broadband network coverage and increase its network speed, in order to further consolidate and enhance its core competencies.

The company believes that the issue of 4G digital cellular mobile service 4G LTE FDD operation permit will be beneficial to the sustainable development of the telecom industry and the business of the company as a whole. It will also foster the information consumption and economic growth. However, it will simultaneously intensify market competition.

The company will proactively leverage its edge in full services operation and strive to foster the sustainable development of its business.

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