China Mobile selects Alcatel-Lucent for 4G TD-LTE network

China Mobile has selected Alcatel-Lucent’s innovative lightRadio 4G TD-LTE overlay for the nationwide rollout of the world’s largest high-speed mobile broadband network.

After the successful completion of China Mobile’s 4G trial, this additional award to Alcatel-Lucent is 11 percent of CMCC’s strategic deployment of phase I 4G network to deploy more than 207,000 TD-LTE base stations in China by the end of 2013.

Alcatel-Lucent’s 4G TD-LTE technology provides high quality wireless data coverage, which is helping China Mobile significantly improve mobile broadband service to their customers in an extremely cost-efficient way.

China Mobile has more than 750 million subscribers, which accounts for more than 60 percent of the total mobile subscriptions in the country.  CMCC is deploying TD-LTE to help meet the ever-increasing demand for mobile Internet, video and data in the world’s largest Smartphone market. The agreement is another LTE win for Alcatel-Lucent, supporting ultra-broadband strategy in the recently announced “Shift Plan” and includes a robust portfolio of macro and metro products field proven in the world’s largest networks.

Michel Combes, CEO, Alcatel-Lucent said, “This is an extremely significant win for Alcatel-Lucent and we look forward to helping China Mobile rapidly deploy the largest mobile broadband network in the world.  By leveraging the ultra-broadband capabilities of our innovative TD-LTE lightRadio solution, China Mobile will have the ability to greatly expand mobile broadband coverage with a consistent, high quality subscriber experience, including challenging environments such as inside commercial and residential buildings.”

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