Cable & Wireless to upgrade Bahamas sub-sea cable

Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC) is upgrading and expanding Bahamas sub-sea cable network for an investment of $4 billion.

The upgraded sub-sea cable network is paving the way for the launch of a range of new broadband-enabled services.

The 3,500 kilometre sub-sea cable network connects more than 20 Bahamian islands between New Providence, the country’s most populated island, and Haiti. The network is a vital link for the country’s outer islands, known as the ‘Family Islands’, delivering broadband and fixed line services. By upgrading and extending the network the company will increase the number of ways it can route telecoms traffic, improving the network resilience in the event of damage to any part of the cable.

In addition, the upgrade will facilitate the delivery of faster, more cost-effective broadband to the islands it reaches. Over time, this will enable residents of the Family Islands to receive broadband-enabled services not available previously such as internet shopping, online education and telemedicine.

CWC is currently introducing similar ‘social telecoms’ (telecoms-enabled public services) to New Providence. The company has recently installed a telemedicine lab at a local hospital and is in the process of building a CCTV network.

The upgrade of BDSNi will be undertaken by Huawei Marine Optix and will be completed by the end of 2014.

Geoff Houston, chief executive, BTC said, “Though it is unseen, our sub-sea cable network is a vital part of our ability to provide new products and services across the islands of The Bahamas which contribute to the social and economic development of our communities.”

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