BT launches low price teleconferencing

BT has launched a new low-priced phone conferencing that small and medium sized businesses can afford.

The BT X500 Conferencing Unit comes with four wireless microphones that can be distributed around the room so everyone in a meeting can be heard, even in rooms large enough for up to 16 people.

The microphones offer top quality audio and can capture sounds within a range of three metres, enabling greater freedom and flexibility during conference calls.

The microphones are magnetic and are designed to fit snugly into the base station for storage or for calls with a small number of people. The BT X500’s batteries offer five hours of talktime and 70 hours standby. The batteries are rechargeable and charge directly from the base.

The BT X500 Conferencing Unit has duplex sound, meaning people can have a conversation more like a face to face meeting. Dynamic noise reduction and echo cancellation are combined with a large base speaker ensuring that people at either end of the line can be clearly heard. This ensures that whilst everyone may not agree in meetings, everyone will be able to get their point of view across with clarity. The unit’s Directory can hold up to 50 names and numbers.

The BT X500 Conferencing Unit comes at an affordable price, but BT insists this is not at the cost of quality.

Erik Raphael, consumer devices director, BT said, “Economic conditions are still tough and BT can help small and medium size businesses grow and prosper by giving them the tools for business without upsetting the bottom line. Conference calls are increasingly important for businesses wanting to reduce travel costs, and the new BT Conferencing Unit X500 means businesses of all sizes can benefit from its outstanding technology at an affordable price.”

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