Broadcom launches 5G WiFi system-on-chip

Broadcom, a global innovation leader in semiconductor solutions for wired and wireless communications has announced the industry’s first 5G WiFi (802.11ac) system-on-chip (SoC) to deliver pinpoint indoor positioning technology.

The BCM43462 SoC, featuring Broadcom’s new AccuLocate technology, provides sub-meter accuracy on physical locations enabling retailers and public venue operators to deliver more personalized experiences to consumers.

Analysts predict the indoor location market to reach $4 billion in 2018 fueled by increasing demand for location-based services in public venues such as shopping malls, department stores, airports and stadiums.

By leveraging location-based services, retailers and venue operators can offer discounts, promotions and personalized services to consumers based on exact locations while enterprise network IT staff can use the technology to track and manage assets.

Broadcom’s latest 5G WiFi SoC with on-chip AccuLocate technology operates using fine timing measurement (FTM) technology, resulting in highly accurate positioning regardless of environmental factors.

Previous versions of indoor positioning relied on received signal strength indicator (RSSI) technology, where signal strength and performance can vary depending on environmental factors such as crowd density or temperature.

“Broadcom’s latest 5G WiFi innovation with integrated AccuLocate technology delivers highly accurate sub-meter pinpoint technology that rivals the capabilities of outdoor location based technology,” said Ed Redmond, vice president and general manager, Compute and Connectivity, Broadcom.

“In addition to providing a more customized user experience, this technology has the added benefit of allowing venue operators to monetize their investment in existing Wi-Fi infrastructure,” added Redmond.

“Location based technology installations will break the 25,000 mark in 2014, while mobile devices capable of supporting indoor location will reach hundreds of millions within two years,” said Patrick Connolly, senior analyst, ABI Research.

“Rising demand for these services by the world’s leading venue operators and retailers is generating an immense opportunity for leading component suppliers, such as Broadcom, who are early to market with innovative solutions,” added Connolly.

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