Aricent launches multi-technology universal SON

Aricent, a premier engineering services and software company, today launched an advanced self-optimizing network solution called Universal SON (Uni-SON).

Uni-SON automates optimization of multi-technology and multi-layered radio access networks thereby reducing operational expenditure (OPEX) and improving user experience significantly. Uni-SON can help optimize legacy networks (2G/3G), greenfield 4G (LTE) networks, or a network running any combination of these technologies.

The biggest advantage of Uni-SON is that a single solution can help automate the optimization of 2G, 3G and LTE networks simultaneously. Its centralized architecture helps to capture a global view of the network, with decision variables spanning across different technologies and network layers.

This helps in managing conflicts and determining the best configuration settings for each cell in terms of its coverage, power level, neighbour relations, handover relationships etc. including the inter-radio access technology optimizations. Uni-SON can be customized to support network equipment from multiple vendors, which makes it a highly interoperable solution.

“The complexity of managing today’s multi-technology heterogeneous networks requires a centralized SON solution, like Uni-SON, that can optimize the entire network from a single control point,” said Pratyush Dasgupta, vice president, Aricent.

“Uni-SON helps in ensuring that the entire network has optimal coverage and capacity, with minimum interference and can guarantee seamless mobility and compelling user experience,” added Dasgupta.

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