Arati Naik Elevated As COO Of Smartlink

Smartlink today announced the appointment of Arati Naik as the company’s chief operating officer.

Arati started her career at Smartlink as a project consultant wherein she imbibed key elements of product development, people management, developing key strategies for product launches and innovation. The expertise gathered catapulted her to the role of the chief marketing officer. This role was her breakthrough opportunity where she demonstrated her potential and achievements in converting businesses and making new alliances at a much younger age.

“I am excited and honored to lead Smartlink. Smartlink will continue to bring innovation at their consumer’s convenience over the longer term and I’m looking forward to playing my part in shaping that future,” added Naik.

“Networking is our core strength as we are the first networking company in India. As a COO, I want to reinvent networking and build on this strength of ours where we come out as a much stronger, focused and innovative company. We at Smartlink look at re-launching the brand with a fresh focus on developing the channels, partners and system integrators. We want to give better access, better service and better products to our consumers,” added Arati.

The company believes that this is a key appointment at an important time for Smartlink and that Arati’s leadership qualities combined with her strategic thinking and relevant experience make her the right person to drive the company to success over the coming years. Arati’s approach and her track record of delivering results in innovation-driven businesses will be valued by shareholders and employees alike.

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