Google to launch app contest for PMO

Google India is collaborating with MyGov, the citizen engagement platform of the government to launch a nationwide contest to develop mobile app for the PMO.

The mobile app will bring the PMO to every citizen and the contest will showcase how Indians can build a world class app.

Google India will also continue to build a vibrant language ecosystem online and help the government transition into the increasingly ‘mobile’ India and support prime minister’s vision of Digital India.

For digital empowerment of citizens, Google is promoting programs such as helping women get online, getting Indian SMEs online and showcasing India’s rich heritage and culture online.

Additionally, to encourage digital literacy and Internet safety, the company is also introducing curriculums for schools, officials and elected representatives.

RS Sharma, secretary, department of information technology said, “The Digital India Program has been launched with the vision of transforming India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. It can truly transform India and bring it on par with other developed countries. I’m happy Google is coming forward to roll out initiatives that will contribute to the Digital India vision. I’m sure others will come forward and join this moment.”

Rajan Anandan, vice president and managing director, Google India said, “Prime Minister Modi’s Digital India program will play a transformational role in achieving this, and we are excited to be making a meaningful contribution by rolling out several initiatives in collaboration with the Government of India.”

Google is working with the department of information technology and other state governments to develop these initiatives.

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