Google Maps Launches ‘Lists’ Feature To Share Places

Google Maps today introduced a new feature in the application called Lists. With this new feature users can make a ‘list’ of their favorite places and can share those too.

Besides creating and sharing, users can follow the lists of their friends and family when shared with them. This new feature is available on Google Maps on both platforms  – Android or iOS.

How do you create a Google list?
There are two ways to create a list:
· Open the side menu, go to Your places, open Saved, and then click on the plus sign in the blue circle at the bottom right corner of the screen
· Open the place you want to add to a new list, tap on “Save”, and then select “create a new list”

How do you share a list?
· Open your list and click on the share button in the top right hand corner
· On both Android and iOS, you can share a link to your list via any app on your phone: Hangouts, SMS, Whatsapp, or even on Facebook or Twitter

Once you send a link to your out-of-towners, they can tap “Follow” to pull up the list from Your Places whenever they need it.

How do you edit a list?
· Go to Your places and then tap the Saved Tab. Tap on the three dot menu to the right of the list and then click, “edit list”. You can also add and remove places from lists directly from a location’s place sheet by tapping the “Saved” icon

With the millions of landmarks, businesses, and other points of interest in Google Maps, there’s no shortage of places to add to your lists. Now that we’ve got the world mapped, it’s your turn to map your world with Lists — from local hotspots to bucket list destinations worlds away.

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