Chalksphere To Launch AR Based Kids’ Curriculum M-PLIFY In India

chalksphere m-plfy

Los Angeles, California based technology startup Chalksphere Inc. is all set to launch its augmented reality based educational platform for kids in India. The AR powered curriculum, named M-PLIFY, comes in the form of a mobile app and will be available on Android as well as iOS.

Chalksphere is trying to enhance and speed up the learning for the challenged children by creating the emotional-visual-Interactive learning model using AR technology

The platform is aimed at pre-school students, who, according to the company, perform better when they are exposed to a more visual representation of everything, for their learning. The app is integrated with the company’s communication and collaboration platform coupled with the firm’s augmented reality engine that creates a vivid audio-visual display of, say, objects, numbers or alphabets.

Sandeep Panigrahi, CEO, Chalksphere Inc.

“By using AR based immersive and interactive learning the children create an emotional bond between the characters and themselves, thereby increasing the attention span and understanding difficult concept as they are visual in nature”, says Sandeep Panigrahi, co-founder and CEO Chalksphere Inc.

Panigrahi also feels that the app will be more helpful for kids with learning disabilities.

“Another key segment which Chalksphere is trying to target is the children who are learning and developmentally challenged. These children have difficulty in understanding and learning letters and numbers in traditional teaching methods. Chalksphere is trying to enhance and speed up the learning for these challenged children by creating the emotional-visual-Interactive learning model using AR technology,” says Sandeep Panigrahi who founded Chalksphere Inc. in 2016 along with friends Debashis Panda and Sri Joshi.

Chalkspehre that also operates in India and the UAE will launch the M-PLIFY curriculum in India in early October.

The AR based curriculum is offered on a subscription basis to schools. Once the mobile app is downloaded or installed, Chalksphere will be providing the curriculum as ‘packs’ basis demand from the school. The children can use the app as well as the curriculum even when they are offline.

Th M-PLIFY platform also have a parent app where the parents can keep track of their kids’ progress, guide them in their learning process and track their over all development.

The 2-year old startup is primarily focused on using technology in developing solutions for education ecosystem, starting with schools. The company has 3 broad platforms – iConnect: Platform for communication and collaboration; iSecure: Safety and security of kids inside school campus and iLearn: Learning products like M-PLIFY.

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