Anite tests LTE Cat 4, maximum data throughput of 144 Mbps

Anite, a global leader in wireless network testing technology has successfully verified LTE Cat 4 maximum data throughputs in a live LTE network.

Average peak throughputs as high as 144 Mbps were recorded in TeliaSonera’s commercial 4G network using Anite’s industry-leading test platform Nemo Outdoor and a Cat 4 LTE test terminal Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Similar peak data performance was achieved using the HiSilicon-based Huawei E3276 modem.

The test was performed by downloading data using the FTP protocol within TeliaSonera’s LTE core network. This eliminates problems and bottlenecks caused by factors coming from outside the LTE network and enables the verification of high peak throughputs.

In addition to live networks, Anite’s engineers have previously tested LTE data throughputs in lab environments with ideal radio and core networks recording peak data throughputs as high as 148 Mbps.

“While testing LTE Cat 4 commercial phones and modems in the field, we have achieved excellent peak data rates using FTP downloads. This clearly demonstrates that maximum peak data rates can be reached and there are no CPU performance limitations in Nemo tools,” said Kai Ojala, CTO, Network Testing business, Anite.

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