Airtel To Launch 4G Service In Delhi, Mumbai Next Month

airtel-4g-service-delhiBharti Airtel, India’s first 4G service provider, is all set to launch the high-speed service in Delhi in May. All the ground works for the launch is complete and some last minute testing is being carried on at this moment, said an executive of the company with the condition of not being named.  The company would launch the 4G services in Mumbai soon after its launch in Delhi.

“We are all set, got the clearance from the authority, and you would get the service next month,” the executive said.

The 4G launch in Delhi will cover the entire NCR region that includes Gurgaon, Noida besides Delhi. As per plan, this time it will not be a pocket approach like what Airtel did in Bangalore or Punjab.

“We would be covering the entire Gurgaon, around 80% of Delhi and some parts of Noida,” the executive added.

Nokia is main equipment supplier for the Delhi 4G network.

The company looks at providing a full fledged 4G service offering.  The executive mentioned above said the services will be offered on all access devices possible. Means, it will be offered on dongles, datacards, CPEs, mobile phones and tablets. At present, Airtel offers the services on just one mobile phone model, the iPhone, but when roll outs happen in Delhi and NCR, it will be on around 9 or more mobile devices.

For the first time, Airtel may come up with a subsidized device model wherein expensive 4G smartphones like iPhone etc will be offered to the customer along with the service connection.

As per the executive the 4G plan for Delhi is completely different than the other markets where it has launched the service. For Delhi, Airtel has deployed a heterogenous network or HetNet. The HetNet is a network consisting of macro sites, microsites, small cells and pico cells. Besides, the network is also using indoor and outdoor WiFi points. So far the company has deployed 6000 macro sites which will provide complete coverage for the city on a macro basis. In order to augment the coverage into indoor, the company has already deployed 3200 small sites.

As per the blueprint of the network, a copy of which TeleAnalysis reviewed, the mainland Gurgaon will be covered by the Macro sites, and the high rises and sky scrappers will be covered through the macro sites as well as in-building solutions wherever there are dark areas or where signal reception is poor.

In order the provide a seamless and uninterrupted coverage, Airtel will be using all its network elements like macro sites, pico cells, WiFi etc and the network would behave dynamically as per the requirement. Airtel calls the dynamism of the network as self organising network or SON. This SON provides coverage as well as capacity to the entire city as per demand.

Airtel offers the ultra high speed 4G LTE services in four cities including Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune and cities of Punjab.

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