Airtel, Mobileum join hands to leverage data analytics


Solution aimed at providing a better roaming experience for its users in Africa

India’s largest telecom operator Bharti Airtel today partnered with data analytics firm Mobileum to offer more customized and hassle free roaming experience for its customers in Africa. Mobileum, formerly known as Roamware and Airtel will work together on new age technologies like big data and data analytics which would help the operator understand its customers in a much better way.
“This project will enable a deeper understanding of the customer’s travel intentions, travel patterns and service usage habits while traveling,” Airtel said in a statement.

These services are, at present, intended for Airtel’s Africa customers only. Airtel has more than 68 million customers in Africa.

Mobileum will analyze Airtel Africa customer, network and commercial data to generate innovative insights on Airtel Africa’s traveling customer population like travel prediction, roamer detection and roamer segmentation, amongst others. These insights will enable Airtel Africa to create tailored travel and roaming experiences for their customers.

“Airtel is strongly invested in harnessing the power of technology to provide our customers with a better roaming experience. Analytics will help us use the data that we have on our customers, networks and operations to provide us with deeper insights on how we are running our business and how our customers are using our services to help us serve our roaming clients better.”, said Andre Beyers, Chief Marketing Officer, Airtel Africa.

Airtel and Mobileum are already working together in Africa as well as Asia on various roaming offerings.

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