Airtel Extends 30 GB Free Data Offer, Brings Plan For International Holidayers

Airtel on Saturday extended its previously announced 30 GB free data offer by another month keeping the summer holidays in mind. The 30 GB free data offer was valid till March 31 as per the earlier announcement but now it will be valid till 30 April.

So, the customers who had availed the scheme during the scheme period now get one more month of validity as well as another 10 GB of free data.

As per an email sent by Airtel’s CEO Gopal Vittal, the company would give 10 GB of free data every month to the customers how have availed the scheme.

“We want your holidays to be even better. So we are extending the validity of the extra data you had activated on Airtel surprises by another 30 days. Now you get to use the extra data for one more billing cycle. Go on, create and share more memories with your loved ones all summer long,” the email reads.

Not only that, the company has also allowed customers who have not availed the scheme yet to register for the same. The deadline for the offer has also been extended till 30 April.

The company also brought out new plans for those customers who are traveling abroad during this summer.

According to the Holiday Surprise offer customers traveling abroad will not get any bill shock because of the new customised plan.

“The surprises don’t end here. Here’s the double. If you are planning an international holiday, we have something more for you. We’ve taken major steps to ensure that you’re protected from bill shocks while travelling abroad. We’ve negotiated with global operators, on your behalf, to get you the best international roaming rates and deliver great value to you,” Vittal writes.

“We also understand that sometimes you may not have the time to activate the right pack before you leave. So, we are going a step ahead. Say, you are traveling to Singapore and haven’t activated any pack. For this destination, our daily pack costs ₹ 499 and includes unlimited incoming calls, free data, SMS and calls to India. If your daily usage exceeds ₹ 499, we’ll automatically activate the ₹ 499 pack at no added cost. If your usage charges are less than ₹ 499, you’ll only be charged based on the rates that are applicable. This will ensure that you always get the best value,” the email explains.

This data offering shows the ferocity of the data war going between Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel. Both the operators are putting their best brains to task to bring out the most lucrative tariff plans for their customers. The 30 GB free data offer of Airtel or Jio’s summer surprise or Dhan Dhana Dhan offer are the beginnings, industry can brace for more such plans in the near future.

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