ACT Fibernet Increases Broadband Speed And FUP In Chennai

ACT Fibernet that claims to be India’s largest non-telco and 3rd largest ISP (internet service provider) recently upgraded internet plans for customers in the city of Chennai. With the newly upgraded plans, customers will now be able to access uninterrupted and high speed internet services at no additional costs to meet entertainment, business and utility service requirements.

ACT Fibernet has upgraded its ACT Blaze Plan to 75mbps with 100 GB FUP (100 GB up + 100 GB down) making the starting speeds of 75Mbps in Chennai fastest across all markets. ACT Thunder Plan now has 100 Mbps speeds and 225 GB FUP (225Gb up + 225 GB down) and the ACT Incredible Plan now boasts of incredible 150 Mbps speeds and 350 GB FUP all at no extra cost.

The company had launched 1GBPS broadband service in Hyderabad last week.

Speaking on the upgraded plans, Mr. Bala Malladi, CEO, Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt Ltd commented, “At ACT Fibernet, our philosophy is to offer exceptional speeds and FUP to our customers. Chennai is an important market where we have grown in the last few years and we continue to strive to offer the best to our customers. Bala added, Our new plans will open up new possibilities such as entertainment demands through 4k and HD movies /TV series downloads as well as in professional work environments”

Atria Convergence Technologies provides fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband services to a strong customer base of 1.2 million registered customers in the country.

The New Tariff Plans Of ACT Fibernet

Chennai Current Plans from 1st April 2017
Plan Rental Speed FUP per month Post Fup speed Rental Speed FUP per month Post Fup speed  
ACT Blaze 999 50 Mbps 60 GB 512 Kbps 999 75 Mbps 100 GB 512 Kbps  
ACT Storm 1099 50 Mbps 90 GB 512 Kbps 1099 75 Mbps 130 GB 512 Kbps  
ACT Lightning 1299 75 Mbps 125 GB 512 Kbps 1299 90 Mbps 175 GB 512 Kbps  
ACT Thunder 1499 90 Mbps 150 GB 512 Kbps 1499 100 Mbps 225 GB 512 Kbps  
ACT Incredible 1999 100 Mbps 250 GB 1 Mbps 1999 150 Mbps 350 GB 1 Mbps  
ACT Remarkable 2999 125 Mbps 350 GB 2 Mbps 2999 150 Mbps 450 GB 2 Mbps  
ACT Exceptional 3999 150 Mbps 450 GB 2 Mbps 3999 200 Mbps 550 GB 2 Mbps  
ACT Phenomenal 4999 150 Mbps 600 GB 2 Mbps 4999 200 Mbps 700 GB 2 Mbps

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