ZTE, China Mobile Demo HD Call Between 4G And 5G Smartphones

Chinese telecom equipment and solutions maker ZTE Corporation along with China Mobile have recently demonstrated HD voice and video calls between 4G and 5G smartphones to see compatibility between two different devices and different spectrum bands.

The company said that ZTE, Guangzhou Branch of China Mobile and Ericsson have taken the lead in making a VoLTE voice and video call between 5G and 4G smartphones, marking a great step forward in the commercialization of 5G network and smartphone.

Unlike the previous tests completed via 5G smartphones and transported by trial networks, this call utilizes NSA 5G networks provided by different vendors as well as the existing 4G network.

This test adopts ZTE’s 5G and 4G smartphones to make a VoLTE voice and video call while achieving the download with a stable data stream, meeting the commercial requirements in all aspects. This test makes a call between 5G and 4G smartphones, meanwhile it can provide internet access, demonstrating Guangzhou Branch of China Mobile’s capability of providing 5G smartphones with voice and data services.

At the end of March 2019, Guangdong Branch of China Mobile and ZTE completed the voice and video call verification between two 5G smartphones in Zhujiang New Town of Guangzhou.

As one of the five 5G pilot cities of China Mobile, Guangzhou is leading in the networking scale and test progress nationwide. This test has verified the technical maturity of 5G mobile network and smartphone, laying a solid foundation for the following 5G large-scale commercialization.

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