5G networks ready for commercial deployment starting 2020

Huawei predicts that the first 5G networks will be ready for commercial deployment starting 2020 and the network will deliver peak data rates of over 10 Gbps, 100 times faster than today’s 4G networks.

Huawei also announced it will invest $600 million in research and innovation for 5G technologies by 2018. The investment will cover a range of key enabling technologies, including the research of air-interface technology.

Eric Xu, rotating CEO of Huawei said, “Innovation is a continuous journey. While we continue to evolve our existing 4G network capabilities, we plan to invest a minimum of $600 million over the next five years on research and innovation for 5G mobile network technologies to ensure that we are meeting the consumers’ demands for increasingly faster and better connections. This number does not include investment to productize 5G technologies.”

Huawei’s approach to 5G innovation has been open and collaborative, working extensively with ecosystem partners. To date, Huawei has participated in the EU’s 5G research projects, worked on the establishment of the 5G Innovation Center (5GIC) in the United Kingdom and participated in joint research programs with over 20 universities around the world.

Huawei will also be an active contributor in building 5G standards and ecosystems to drive a globally consistent standard across the industry.

“There are several issues that must be resolved before 5G can become a reality. These include the availability of spectrum and technological challenges, such as how to engineer network architectures capable of handling increasingly higher data volumes and transmission speeds necessary to accommodate more users on the network.” added Xu.

By 2020, it is estimated that 6.5 billion people worldwide will use mobile networks for data communications and 100 billion of additional ‘things’, such as vehicles, meters, medical devices, and home appliances, will also be connected to the network over 5G. We have already achieved many technological breakthroughs in 5G research and innovation, but the majority of the work remains ahead of us.

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