MWC18 : Spirent Offers NFV Test Solution For China Mobile

Test and measurement firm Spirent on Thursday said it has partnered with China Mobile to offer test and validation solutions for the operator’s NFV network which is a part of its NovoNet project. The partnership to offer NFV test solution was announced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC18) being held in Barcelona.

Spirent was involved in the development of the interactive interface for NovoNet’s automated integration and delivery system and provided the network functions virtualization infrastructure (NFVi) network acceleration performance test and evaluation system.

China Mobile’s NFV framework included the overall project planning, test environment setup, virtualization deployment, configuration, and implementation, NFV Orchestrator / VNF Manager deployment, management and orchestration (MANO) test, services turn up test and Telecom Infrastructure Cloud (TIC) delivery. Spirent’s professional services team provided the industry-leading test automation collaboration platform and the NFVi network performance test solution for the automated integration and delivery system of NovoNet.

Spirent’s NFVi performance test and evaluation system is fully-automated and adopted to an OpenStack-architecture-based NFVi platform. It provides detailed results and analysis of the various performance characteristics, especially in the case of virtual network function (VNF) and NFVi decoupling, enabling users to reduce the complexity of NFVi testing and accelerate system regression testing. The NFV test solution not only supports VLAN, VxLAN and Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) network acceleration technology, but also covers CPU/Memory/Disk IO performance of virtual machine (VM) and NFVi and provides remote test execution support.

In the NovoNet project, Spirent’s Professional Services team provided the test automation collaboration support for streamlining the NFV test cycle.” Says Mr. Qian Shen, Director of Global Services in Asia, Spirent Communications, “As a long-term testing partner with China Mobile, Spirent’s expertise in the field of SDN/NFV and automation testing assisted China Mobile with their network transformation, and we will continue to support China Mobile to complete the related testing activities. Spirent is proud to collaborate with China Mobile and its industry partners towards the common development goal of advancing next-generation network development.”

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