Korek selects NSN for mobile broadband

Korek Telecom customers in southern Iraq have opted Nokia Siemens Network for high-speed mobile broadband and better voice call services with improved coverage.

Nokia Siemens Networks to deploy its advanced radio, microwave transmission and packet core network elements, using its comprehensive services. The operator has also renewed its care and managed services contract with the company.

“We wanted to provide better internet experience and improved voice call services for our customers in Iraq,” said Ghada Gebara, chief executive officer, Korek Telecom.

To achieve this, we needed a globally renowned technology partner, so we selected Nokia Siemens Networks. With Nokia Siemens Networks’ advanced radio and core network technology, we will soon be able to introduce high-speed mobile broadband and enhanced voice services to our customers in southern Iraq added Gebara.

“To fulfill the needs of Korek Telecom which is growing fast in the Iraqi telecom market, we are committed to providing strong technology support to the operator,” said Mikko Yla-Kauttu, head of customer team Korek Telecom at Nokia Siemens Networks.

Our radio and core network will ensure more throughput, improved coverage and higher quality to help Korek Telecom satisfy existing customers and attract new ones. In addition, our comprehensive services will ensure the rollout is fast and efficient, with everything working seamlessly added Yla-Kauttu.

Under the contract, Nokia Siemens Networks provides Korek Telecom with its Flexi Direct that simplifies network planning, lowers capital and operating costs for operators, and reduces data transmission delay, thus ensuring high-speed broadband for end users. At present, Nokia Siemens Networks is the only vendor providing fully flat architecture for HSPA in the global telecom market.

As part of its radio network, Nokia Siemens Networks also provides its Single RAN (radio access network) platform, which is based on its compact and energy-efficient Flexi Multiradio Base Station, to support Korek Telecom’s 2G and 3G networks and ready it for the future with LTE capability.

As part of the core network, the company supplies its Liquid Core based Evolved Packet Core (EPC) platform, including Flexi Network Server (NS) and Flexi Network Gateway (NG). Its Intelligent Packet Core enables service-aware charging functionality so that Korek Telecom can provide stable access to various data service plans, and a security solution that safeguards the data content.

In addition, Nokia Siemens Networks supplies its NetAct network management system for consolidated and effective monitoring, management and optimization of Korek Telecom’s networks across all radio technologies. To ensure a smooth and efficient rollout, the company is providing its full turnkey services, while also delivering professional services which include network planning and optimization, system integration, and network operation.

The deal also includes Nokia Siemens Networks’ network implementation, and care services including hardware, software and competence development services.

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