Jio Is Overall 4G Leader In India : Ookla

Ookla, the company that conducts data speed test surveys on telecom operators across the globe, has indicated that Reliance Jio is the overall leader in 4G LTE services in India. According to the firm, Jio has demonstrated an edge over its competitors in almost all parameters.

In general availability of cellular services Reliance Jio tops the chart with 99.3% of locations. Ookla defines General Availability as the percentage of an operator’s known locations where a device has access to any kind of service (including roaming). On this parameter, Airtel comes quite close with 99.1%.

“Jio’s General Availability was best, with users finding service in 99.3% of locations. Airtel was second at 99.1%, followed closely by Vodafone (99.0%) and Idea (98.9%),” Ookla said in its recently published survey report.

Jio showed the densest pattern of coverage samples for General Availability across India, with only a few areas where coverage data showed no service.

Airtel’s pattern of coverage samples showed only slightly less areas with coverage. Airtel had only slightly more “no service” areas, particularly in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh.

Idea and Vodafone had a similar density of coverage samples showing coverage, but were strong in different parts of the country. Idea showed more density in Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, while Vodafone was stronger in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.

In another parameter tested by the speed test expert said that a Jio customer has access to LTE services in 99% of its service locations – way ahead of its competitors like Airtel or Vodafone Idea.

“At a country-level, Jio shows an impressive 98.8% 4G Availability. That means that a Jio customer has access to LTE service at 98.8% of surveyed locations. Airtel is second at 90.0%, followed by Vodafone (84.6%) and Idea (82.8%),” the report mentions.

The report says except few areas like Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Sikkim and the Andaman Islands, Jio’s 4G Availability map is nearly identical to their General Availability map which is 99.3%.

Airtel’s 4G Availability map is still very dense, but shows gaps in LTE coverage in many areas of the country including portions of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka, the speediest firm says.

“As we saw with overall scores, the 4G Availability map for Vodafone reveals that the operator’s LTE coverage is not as robust as their overall coverage. We saw major gaps in Vodafone’s LTE in Karnataka in particular and smaller gaps in northeastern India in general (with the exception of the most populated areas of West Bengal),” it says.

Ookla has also conducted a test to find out various operators’ general services and 4G services fared in the country’s top 15 cities.


While Airtel has general services available in 99% of locations in all the 15 big cities, Jio scored more than 99% for 4G LTE services in all these cities. In terms of general services, means any for of cellular service, Airtel is available highest of 99.8% locations in Surat while Jio has same score in Bangalore.

Jio’s lowest score (in Jaipur) was still high at 98.9%. Vodafone’s only score below 99% was in Kolkata (97.9%). Idea, on the other hand, showed General Availability scores below 99% in six cities: Hyderabad (98.8%), Delhi (98.3%), Jaipur (98.0%), Kolkata (97.9%), Visakhapatnam (97.9%) and Indore (96.6%).

In terms of 4G availability, Jio scores more than 99.5% in all 15 large cities except Jaipur.

“India’s largest mobile operators were not nearly as consistent with their 4G Availability in India’s largest cities during Q3-Q4 2018 as they were with General Availability. The exception was Jio, which still only showed one city (Jaipur) that was barely below 99%. This is no surprise given Jio’s 98.8% country-wide 4G Availability,” says Ookla.

Airtel’s 4G Availability ranged from 92.9% in Visakhapatnam to 97.5% in Bengaluru. Vodafone’s 4G Availability ranged from 74.9% in Hyderabad to 98.0% in Ahmedabad, with two cities in the 70-79.9% band and one in the 80-89.9% band. Idea had the widest spread in 4G Availability — from 38.8% in Delhi to 96.2% in Bengaluru. This includes one city in the 60-69.9% band and three in the 80-89.9% band.

In terms data speed, however, according to Ookla, Jio lags behind Airtel and Vodafone.

“Airtel was the fastest mobile operator in India during Q3-Q4 2018, regardless of whether a customer was on LTE or not,” Ookla reported.

Airtel’s average data speed was 10.34 mbps and its 4G data speed was 11.23 mbps during the reported quarter. In the same quarter Jio’s data speed was 7.11 mbps, placing it on the third position among the top four.

“We cannot say why Jio’s speeds were slower than those of Airtel and Vodafone, but it’s likely a combination of network congestion and users accessing the Jio network with slower phones,” Ookla said.

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