Ixia launches PerfectStorm ONE

Ixia expands into new markets with the introduction of PerfectStorm ONE solutions, a portable and powerful security and application testing solutions.

Building upon the terabit-scale PerfectStorm platform, the new suite of PerfectStorm ONE solutions deliver massive-scale application and security testing and expand the availability of network testing to enterprises of all sizes. Additionally, PerfectStorm ONE answers the needs of security and network equipment manufacturers to help showcase product performance in the field during the proof-of-concept cycle.

Today, companies are making major investments in security and networking technologies in order to increase scale and agility while still relying on compliance products and vulnerability assessment to reduce the risk of security breaches. However, this does not close a critical gap in assessing security resiliency.

By seamlessly unifying Ixia’s IxLoad and BreakingPoint software applications into a portable cost-effective system, the PerfectStorm ONE solutions can simulate millions of real-world end-user environments to test every element of the data center with confidence, any time and any where.

PerfectStorm ONE gives enterprises actionable insight into network performance, system limitations and security resiliency in order to right-size data centers and reduce security incidents in live networks via a series of cost-effective, scalable solutions. With options ranging from four 1 Gbps ports to eight 10 Gbps ports and even two 40 Gbps ports.

Ixia’s PerfectStorm ONE uses Ixia’s Application and Threat Intelligence program to simulate over 245 applications and 35,000 malicious attacks and give enterprises of all sizes the confidence that their live networks can handle real-world application, attack and load traffic.

“Enterprise architects and infrastructure operations teams have become less and less reliant on vendor data sheets and mandatory compliance audits to ensure highest level of performance and security during service design, application rollout and change management,” said Areg Alimian, senior director, Product Management, Ixia.

“PerfectStorm ONE is the only portable solution that provides the ability to perform a true litmus test on their own networks by creating metropolitan scale traffic volumes that will definitively prove or disprove the networks’ resilience when deployed in the real world,” added Alimian.

Security and network equipment manufacturers bear the burden of delivering measurable proof when demonstrating performance to prospective customers during the field proof-of-concept phase.

To meet the demands of our customers, Ixia developed the ultra portable suite of PerfectStorm ONE solutions as a powerful way to differentiate security and networking equipment and showcase real-world product performance while in the field.

“Our customers require confirmation that our security solutions work as expected under even peak loads. Being able to easily showcase the full functionality during the proof-of-concept phase is becoming critical to our business,” said John Maddison, vice president, Marketing, Fortinet.

“The performance and portability of Ixia’s PerfectStorm ONE now enable us to fully display our security solutions abilities under the real-world application and malicious traffic loads that enterprises see every day,” added Maddison.

PerfectStorm ONE, with an optional carrying case, makes it easy for equipment manufacturer systems engineers to perform onsite validation of their systems during the customer proof-of-concept phases. With performance of up to 60M concurrent HTTP sessions at 2M new sessions per second along with 20 Gbps SSL throughput at 200,000 new SSL sessions per second, PerfectStorm ONE is the powerful solution our customers can take anywhere.

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