Interview With BSNL CMD Anupam Shrivastava

“BSNL is executing projects worth Rs 25,000 crore in the next 2-3 years and will be profitable by FY18-19” – Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL


Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL

In a no holds barred discussion with TeleAnalysis, Anupam Shrivastava, the newly appointed CMD of the telecom behemoth BSNL, talks about the various steps the state run telco is taking under his leadership to turn around things. Brimming with optimism, he says the company can be back to its glorious days and be profitable by 2018-19. Excerpts :





Q. BSNL is very active in government projects. What is the status of projects like NOFN, NFS (network for spectrum), LWE (left wing extremists) and North East?

BSNL is executing projects worth Rs 25,000 crore ($4 billion) in the next 2-3 years. The projects which BSNL is executing include: NFS for Defence; NOFN for BBNL; LWE for left wing extremists states and North East project for improving connectivity in North East. All these projects are under implementation except North East project where BSNL is planning to float EoI (expression of interest) by next month.

Q.What is BSNL’s mobile expansion plan for Phase 7 and Phase 8?

In Phase 7, BSNL is investing Rs 4,804 crore for creating 15 million additional mobile capacity. The capacity addition will take care for both 2G and 3G. In Phase 7, BSNL is building 27,000 towers of which 15,000 will be for 2G and 12,000 for 3G. Presently, BSNL has around 97,000 towers.

BSNL has till date completed 60 percent of Phase 7 expansion and the project is planned to be completed by June, 2015. Phase 7 will help in plugging the gap of 2G, removing blind spots in mobile network and increasing data capacity by 30-40 times.

On the mobile infrastructure, we are working on Phase 8 strategy. Phase 8 will have four parts. First part will focus on Wi-Fi integration. Second will help in increasing data carrying capacity. Third will focus on intra-circle roaming which will help in sharing of 2G and 3G network with other mobile operators in the country and fourth part will focus on classical expansion of 2G and 3G network in BSNL.

Q. What are you doing to enhance customer support services for BSNL customer?

We have around 18 call centers in 20 circles for mobile services. We are also planning call center for CFA department which will focus on customer complaint, customer feedback, VAS and enhancing reach to BSNL consumers.

We are planning enhanced CDR billing which will take care of fixed line, mobile and also leased line.

We are planning converged billing so that we can offer single bill to our consumer for all types of services. With converged billing, we can offer multiple tariff packages offering different services to our enterprise and retail customers. We can come up with different schemes targeting those customers depending upon their usage pattern. We will very soon come up with converged billing RFP on a revenue sharing model.

Q. BSNL is focusing a lot on Wi-Fi hotspots. How will this help BSNL in the long run?

BSNL has lots of copper cable and optical fiber cable which we want to exploit for data services. We want to utilize Wi-Fi hotspots and integrate it with 3G services for increased reach to mobile consumers. We are focusing on data in a big way such that it is a game changer for telecom industry. In future, if we play our cards well we would be successful in data services.

BSNL is planning 2,500 Wi-Fi hotspots in the next 2-3 years. For Wi-Fi, we have tied up with Quadgen Wireless for South and West on revenue sharing basis. We will very soon float tender to provide Wi-Fi coverage for North and West regions.

Q. What’s the update on tower leasing and land bank?

Tower leasing proposal has gone to the ministry for its consideration. The proposal focuses on creating a separate business unit, creating a separate subsidiary company within BSNL which is fully owned by BSNL and creating a joint venture.

On the land bank front, eight proposals have been sent to the ministry for building housing complex, IT park and commercial building. For both the proposals, we are awaiting the ministry’s approval.

Q. What is the expected revenue for BSNL in FY 2014-15? When are you planning to be profitable?

BSNL revenue should cross Rs 29,000 crore in FY 2014-15 with a growth of 4-5 percent. In FY 2014-15, we would be operational profit or EBITDA comfortable. We plan to be profitable by FY 2018-19.

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  3. Very good bsnl will b e sure in profit.

  4. kumar gopi sankar says:

    Thanks for the proposal and wishing good future for BSNL @ staff.

  5. Adrim Tawri says:

    it is very good news for bsnl

  6. Dedication and fairness of senior executives at Corp. Office are very poor. HR issues towards circle level main working executives (AGM,SDE etc) are not taken care of.We, believe under able leadership of Mr Shrivastava, BSNL will definitely turn around.

  7. The only work in corp office is going is to transfer the lower level executives (AGM,SDE etc) at their whims leading to corruption. Whose interest no GSM equipments were not purchased making welcome door to private operators. This should be investigated also.
    Mr Shrivastava will turn around BSNL if Govt impertially supports it.
    S Kuldip

  8. The interview with CMD BSNL is quite motivating.We are very sure BSNL will be able to become profitable,provided we utilize the available infrastructure effectively.Present CMD BSNL is moving in that direction is a very happy issue.In fact the land properties.i.e.real estate of BSNL,if utilised effectively,we can be in profits within an year.Similar is the case w.r.t. mobile telephony.Now and opportunity has come to BSNL in the form of waival of IUC for land lines and hence many schemes can be launched which will be of very good use to land line customer and will boost the revenue also.Any congrats my dear CMD.Go ahead.

  9. In fact the land properties.i.e.real estate of BSNL,if utilised effectively,we can be in profits within an year.Similar is the case w.r.t. mobile telephony.Now and opportunity has come to BSNL in the form of waival of IUC for land lines and hence many schemes can be launched which will be of very good use to land line customer and will boost the revenue also.Any congrats my dear CMD.Go ahead.

  10. Avinash Murkute says:

    What about the corruption in BSNL? Corruption is confidential. Hope Mr. Anupam do not protect corrupt and corruption in BSNL like his earlier CMD. Otherwise this interview will be forgotten as just mere casual interview. Need more info on corruption in vigilance departments, feel free to contact me. ~ Avinash Murkute

  11. B.B.N. Acharyulu (BSNL Staff) says:

    May our beloved BSNL organisation will flourish like anything in the days to come. We should strive hard to get back this wonderful state run organisation to profitability.

  12. samudra sen says:

    Hope & Pray for Best of India & Better of BSNL….

  13. R K Sharma says:

    Very good approach of our CMD and all the personnels will do their best to achieve the targets. definitely BSNL will make profit in the coming years

  14. Welcome Anupam Srivastavaji as CMD BSNL.
    Sir, here are some measures to get BSNL profitable.
    1. Make BSNL services USER FRIENDLY by introducing reliable network/competable prices.

  15. bsnl may servive till mr srvastava retires

  16. Nazrul, Guwahati says:


  17. Along-with the previous and interim CMD, the present incumbent is steering BSNL towards better financial days. It is good to learn the ventures that BSNL will be getting into such as WiFi services and interlinking the array of services BSNL offers into a package. If they are able to link Broadband, Fixed Line and WiFi hotspots they will find it as a profitable venture just as BT in UK and many others have. Hope their mobile services too will see better days, with faster speeds and reliable connections.

  18. Sir,
    BSNL once a company, with its Ex CMD Pritipal singh paving way by introducing continuous mobile connectivity on railway and high way lines, which forced then operators hutch, BPL Aircel, etc to follow BSNL way.
    It was a day when BSNL introduced mobile services people were waiting in ques as we see for apple phones now a days.
    Where had it gone wrong. If the BSNL CMD could analyse, he can find answer. Dont blame govt, equipment purchase. Govt is bound not to help BSNL.
    BSNL with vast land /strategic resources, huge man force could leverage easily with a little thought. My suggestions,
    1. Procure only required equipments and dont dump
    2. Listen to unions/associations views for development but extract commitment from them.
    3. Dont keep people at the same place/post for long
    4. Reward outstanding people from within
    5.Take stern action on non performers and show action on ground, so that others will start performing.
    6. Dont request the subordinates to do work. Order them, as BSNL has to work on workfooting culture, to bring it from deep crisis.
    Otherwise, a day will come that no body will be ready to take interview of CMD as it will least bother them

    • Uma Santhanam says:

      Its a wondeerful comment. I welcome your suggestions. If these measures were taken some 5 years back by the Administration, BSNL would not in be in the position such as the present position. Staff are losing their sincerity after the 2007 Pay Commission. Hope the Union activists would agree with this. The new CMD must take drastic decisions on staff discipline-I feel.

    • Chennai Telephones says:

      Super, well said

  19. Sir
    ur interview motivating all the employees but one thing i want to say that is first and main issue regarding CFA is mind set of group C and group D employees and coming to CM section mobile signal covg and breakdown period of bsnl sites should be low.

  20. May our beloved BSNL organisation will flourish like anything in the days to come. We should strive hard to get back this wonderful state run organisation to profitability.

  21. Chennai Telephones says:

    Actually internal setup of bsnl is worst. First segregate ITS issues. Recruitment rules for internal candidates is seriously taken into consideration. RR spoils young generation career path…

  22. Good news for bsnl & all employee of BSNL, also good news for all employee, first time appoint as CMD of BSNL hon’ble ANUPAM Srivastva observed in BSNL.

  23. chatterjee s says:

    Comments of Mubi on 25.03.2015 is highly appreciable and should be implemented in letter & spirit to make BSNL profitable.The employees of BSNL should take the oath “Service before Self’.

  24. Ajay Singh says:

    Our Broadband connection getting frequently disconnected. Complaint Registration No is 102838790

    BSNL Employees are deaf and dumb corrupted they are earning from private companies and from BSNL without working.

    Grievance has been registered vide Registration number DOTEL/E/2015/08381.

    We are following and requesting since more than 5 months to solve our problems created by BSNL but why should BSNL employees will take care to answer???? If they are earning without working???, Deaf & Dumb CMD of BSNL, not answering mails of DOT. Must be earning huge without working why BSNL Employees should work if they are earning without working?????

    Till date we have not received BSNL bill and BSNL is ready for next month cheating. BSNL Employees are deaf and dumb. How BSNL Employees are thinking BSNL is connecting people????? Actually BSNL Employees are connected to cheat people???? We lodged a complaint but The Great cheating Co. Ahmedabad BSNL has without providing any solution sent us message mentioning that the complaint has been resolved !!!! Why BSNL employees are so insensitive and not ready to solve their customer problems from whom they are earning.

    Yesterday I lodged a complaint at BSNL 198 complaint registration no for not receiving bills and for poor internet & Disturbance in voice. Complaint no is 1021958486, But as usual BSNL The great cheater!!! Not answering to their customer.

    We have till date and time not received bill even for which BSNL has disconnected our connection without prior notice and forced us to pay Rs. 11,801/- without solving any problem and since 3 months we are following up but BSNL employees are not taking interest even to answer.

    We have lodged a complaint at, complaint no is complaint No-134609.4.2015

    We have received no response from BSNL till date and time. So Insensitive BSNL!!!
    Till date and time We have not received BSNL Bill but without bill BSNL has forced us by disconnecting our connection and made us to deposit the Rs. 11,801/- which we have already paid. Our issues are still not resolved. There are lots of disturbance in phone line and internet speed is very slow. We booked a complaint but no one is taking interest to solve our problems.

    I have already requested to give me email ids and phone nos of higher authorities to escalate my issues but as we aware BSNL only interested in snatching money and not interested in solving customer’s problem.

    We haven’t got any solutions from BSNL for our below mentioned issues.

    We have celebrated 66th Independence day but still we are feeling we are living under British Rule only because of BSNL. We had telephonic talk on 22nd Jan. 2015 with Mr. Umesh Paliwal and with Mr. Rajendra Singh BSNL Delhi office. Explained our issues to them and they talked very nicely, Mr. Umesh has helped us to lodge a complaint on, our complaint no is DOTEL/E/2015/02595. I am writing my issues which still not resolved. Ahmedabad BSNL people are still not taking care to even give us response. Our Broaadband and telephone connection getting off frequently.

    1. BSNL had disconnected our connection and forced us to pay the bill Rs. 11, 801/- which was totally unfair trade practice by BSNL, We were requesting to provide us the correct bill since more than a month, Our bill payment last date was 29th of January and before that BSNL has disconnected our connection on 20th January, 2015 without prior notice or information.
    2. We applied for new Telephone & unlimited broadband connection on around 9th October, 2014. We submitted Application form with necessary documents at CTM, Ahmedabad office. We were told at the time of Application form submission that, the new phone connection will be installed in a week. After continuous follow up we got telephone instrument installed on 28th Oct and got activated on 30th Oct. 2014. That was because of application miss placed by BSNL employee. The Broadband modem installed and activated on Saturday 1st November, 2014.
    We asked Vatva Sr. Divisional engineer about modem type 2 price, we were aware that BSNL has reduced their modem price from Rs. 2100 to Rs. 1800/- and Mr. Engineer said that that would be sorted out. The modem installed is old and we complained about it and we got mail from PGM office that as and when new modem available they will replace it with new one.
    We paid modem charge Rs. 2100/- with or 1st bill ( Total Amount was Rs. 4,704/- ).
    3. At the time of Application form submission we were also told by BSNL employee that we will phone you for Broadband plan and activation once we get telephone connection activated. But we didn’t got phone and our broadband connection was activated on 1st Nov. 2014.
    4. We paid 1st bill of Rs. 4,704/- and shocked when the second bill we received which was Rs. 7,668/-. I went immediately at BSNL Vatva for clarification and found that our Broadband plan was not unlimited and that’s the reason we got bill of huge amount. On 12 December I requested all higher authorities writing mail but no one has till date answered properly.
    5. When I phoned to Mr. Parihar PGM-BSNL, Ahmedabad to solve our issues, Mr. Parihar said in hindi that
    “Mere paas aap ki Ramayan sun ne ka time nai hain” and disconnected phone.
    We want and request BSNL to examine the matter seriously as we have applied for unlimited internet and from day one we said we want unlimited broadband internet connection as we are aware about our work. We are doing all our communications through internet only.
    Sir, I am not at any higher level but as a customer I expect BSNL employee and Mr. Parihar PGM ( I understand that PGM is not a lower designation and not always free to talk with customer) should talk with customer properly and listen their issues whenever customer comes to him. At Least BSNL customer should not feel like we are still under BRITISH Rule but Customer should feel really “BSNL connecting people” .
    I hope that I will get true justice from BSNL and our access paid money back.

    Best Regards,
    Ajay Singh

    • ONE MAN ARMY says:

      Ajay Singh sir this is what bsnl incurring huge loss every year..
      They don’t dispatch bills.
      Issuing bills for surrendered lines.
      Having huge infrastructure but still begging from customer for 100 to 500 (line man)
      I think more than 2.5 lakhs employed in all india.
      Whereas Airtel employed only 10k employees around Asia region.
      Employees of bsnl itself they don’t know what plans they have.. Its called as customer care.

  25. it is very good news for BSNL.

  26. First solve ITS issues either take them inside completely or kick out completely.There should not be manpower with two different ideology i.e. ITS and BSNL .Everybody should be considered as BSNL employee only.The internal carrier progression up to highest position should be ensured and implemented.The motivation should flow from management.

  27. subramanian N says:

    Good news for bsnl & all employee of BSNL, also good news for all employee, first time BSNL blessed with capacitive/ corrupt free CMD of BSNL hon’ble ANUPAM Srivastva observed in BSNL. NS Coimbatore

  28. G.N.Prasad says:

    sir,we are welcoming your views and we hope the BSNL sure will become profitable in coming years.The true working spirit of each and every employee to be considerable towards BSNL growth in telecom.

  29. BSNL is and should be the pride of nation. The assets if utilized properly,and the honest planning with technology with vibrant offers with proper marketing it is just a matter of some times NO 1 will again will be no 1 soon. Appeal to Indian Govt to think about this bealievable organization in which Bharat the word is in and also one can see “A GOVT. OF INDIA ENTERPRIZE”.iT IS THE PRIDE OF NATION AND THE GOVT OF INDIA .Nourishment with proper gurdianship will make it. We love BSNL and believe GOVT will turn it around with the BSNL employees. Be4st of luck to the nation and BSNL.

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