InterContinental To Become World’s First 5G Connected Hotel

While industry verticals are divided over the business cases and RoI of 5G, an international hospitality chain has found its calling and is getting ready to deploy 5G in order to improve guest services and its overall performance. Hotel InterContinental Shenzen in China has announced it is deploying 5G and that will make the 5-star property the World’s first 5G hotel.

InterContinental Shenzen has signed an agreement with Huawei and Shenzen Telecom in this regard wherein Huawei is deploying the 5G equipments, solutions and the required infrastructure. Shenzen Telecom is providing the communications connectivity, the agreement reads.

Deployment of 5G, the hospitality major believes, will allow the guests to enjoy customised and innovative services beyond just providing data connectivity. It will also help the hotel to cater to the needs of the guests promptly and overall, improve the guest service experience.

The hotel believes that once 5G is deployed by Shenzhen Telecom using Huawei’s network equipment, it can offer uninterrupted indoor and outdoor 5G coverage to its customers. Some of the examples sited by the InterContinental Shenzen include using of 5G hotel applications through 5G smartphones and customer-premises equipment (CPE) terminals, including 5G welcome robots, 5G cloud computing terminals, 5G cloud games and cloud virtual reality (VR) rowing machines.

The hospitality group claimed that as the download speed can reach upto 500 mbps on 5G, it would attract customers who love VR games.

In the hotel lobby, guests will be able to access the 5G network through CPEs or their smartphones to experience high speed 5G downloads and uploads. Meanwhile, 5G robots will provide services that include guest information, destination guidance, and goods delivery. The presidential suite will provide guests with hotel services such as cloud VR rowing machines, cloud games and 4K movies.

The Hotel Intercontinental is also planning to expand the 5G services and experiences to its other properties across the country.

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