The Influence of Mobile Phones on Gaming

Back in the day when it was expensive to get a phone, future gamers sharpened their skills on Nintendos and Game Boys. When the first PCs came out Tetris was one of the many games that were popular with the gaming audience. Phones were around but it took them some time to introduce games on their platform. Whoever remembers the Nokia 6610 will also remember the classic game that came with it – Snake. Fast forward a few of years and in 2016 mobile gaming revenue surpasses that of PCs and console. So how did this happen?

Mobile Gaming Revolution: From Regular to Online Casino Games

It’s a fact that the interactive gaming industry catches up on trends than any other part of the gaming industry. They morphed their games online when the net became a hit and they turned to mobile phones when they became the next big thing. The fact that all casino websites are mobile-friendly means that any player in the world can access any online casino in India, New Jersey, Delaware, Britain or any other country in the world. Mobile casinos are already a thing and they’re popular with punters.

Impact on the Gaming Industry

The availability a mobile phone brings to gaming had been noticed early on by the gaming industry. Phone companies put games into their phones so people using them could pass the time quickly. Little did they know that gaming will turn into a serious hobby. Now there are many videos of various games that instruct viewers on how to pass a difficult level in any mobile game. The iOS Store and Google Play Store are booming with various apps that feature titles like Into the Dead, Second Galaxy and others that have become classics like Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, and Temple Run.

Technology is to blame for the leap forward in mobile gaming. The new tech upgrades allow mobile phone games to have the same level of high-quality graphics that PCs and consoles have. With the way things are going gamers might expect graphics and gameplay better than those of computers in just a few years.

The Future of Mobile Gaming
The current 4G technology is good, but not good enough when it comes to mobile gaming. One of the reasons why 5G is introduced is because it will bring more speed when it comes to downloading and latency. Games will be downloaded in an instant regardless of their size. As the future of mobile internet connectivity, 5G will finally enable gamers to get the multiplayer experience they deserve.


Titles like Fortnite and PUBG proved that a game can be played effectively on mobile phones as well as PCs. There are many gaming PCs available so the production of gaming phones will likely become more frequent in the future. The company Razer has already developed one such phone dubbed Razer Phone. The first version of the phone showed the potential of mobile gaming hardware. The second version of this phone is already on its way and is taking the gaming world by storm.

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