India Mobile Market Grows 25% In Q3, 2015; Samsung, Micromax And Intex Leads

India-Mobile-Market-Grows-25%-In-Q3,-2015;-Samsung,-Micromax-And-Intex-LeadsThe growth witnessed in the India mobile market was attributed to the feature phones segment and not smartphones after a spell of multiple quarters.

Commenting on the results, Faisal Kawoosa, lead analyst, Telecom, CMR said, “While the general belief at the moment is that smartphone is the growth catalyst for the India mobile handsets market, the results announced today reveal a contrarian view. To the surprise of everyone, featurephone segment recorded a 25 percent growth over the previous quarter, bettering the smartphones growth of 11 percent.”

“Companies like Intex, Lava and Zen Mobiles continued their focus on achieving growth by penetrating deep into the heartland, serving the mass markets that still exist in much of rural India. This helped them serve both ends of the market extremely well, resulting in a comeback of the featurephones segment, at least during the current quarter,” added Faisal.

“However, this should not be seen as some kind of a permanent reversal in technology adoption trends; the future of mobile handsets continues to lie with the Smartphones segment,” concluded Faisal.

Mulling on the leadership positions, Karn Chauhan, Analyst, CMR’s Telecom Practice said, “This is for the second consecutive quarter that Samsung, Micromax and Intex have maintained their rankings in the overall India mobile handsets market as well as the smartphones segment. Vendor market shares have also remained stable and have not witnessed major shifts.”

“There are two factors common to the marketing and sales strategy adopted by the top three players that can be attributed to their rankings – a wide portfolio of models and SKUs for the consumer to choose from, and a strong distribution network reaching out deep into the nook and corner of the country,” added Karn.

As far as leadership positions for 4G handsets, Samsung and Lenovo were able to maintain their 1st and 2nd positions intact, the 3rd spot was taken over by Micromax from Xiaomi. While Micromax managed to increase shipments 137 percent quarter-on-quarter Xiaomi witnessed a decline of 29% in the shipments of their 4G handsets.

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